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    What do you Collect?

    Both mine and my lady's collection: Valyrian Steel Longclaw Valyrian Steel Needle HBO store shirts: Khal and Khaleesi Stark sigil Mother of Dragons King Beyond the Wall The big canvas print map of Westeros from HBO store Khal and Khaleesi mugs from HBO store A handful of wonderful coins from our own Master of Coin Feast of Ice and Fire official cookbook. A Game of Thrones Fantasy Flight board game Paperbacks of all the books, hardcover ADwD. I'd really like to add Ice to complete the Stark weaponry set before it sells out. I'd also like to get the new Greyjoy coin, as well as the Dothraki coins if whenever they're reissued. Of course I'll probably keep adding house sigil shirts to my collection as well.
  2. I don't think it was unnecessary. The show needs to explain how magic used to be a myth and legend, and how it is now coming back into the world. Hence, you have Pyat Pree at the party thrown by the 13, being ridiculed by Xaro because of his "parlor tricks". When Dany goes to the House of the Undying, and they show her that magic is indeed a real thing now, it will be much more dramatic for the viewer. Books are allowed to be subtle, the show has to put it right up front and in your face, or else it gets lost.
  3. I'm really not surprised that they got rid of Jojen and Meera's characters. While they work well in the book, they're pretty easy to replace and consolidate into Bran and Osha in the show. Personally, I don't think it's a huge loss in the grand scheme of things. The show is an interpretation of the book, not an exact copy of it. This was my favorite episode so far this season. Definitely sets up the next 5 episodes, which should be epic.
  4. Ser_Niall

    [Book Spoilers] EP 204 Discussion

    I guess it's true that the bones could get lost, and come up later on. I just figured based on the Theon chapters in ADWD that Ned's bones come into importance later on in the series. Maybe not.. :)
  5. Ser_Niall

    [Book Spoilers] EP 204 Discussion

    I have mixed feelings about this episode. On the positive, I loved the shadowbaby scene. I think it came out perfectly. I believe from the book, the shadow is supposed to look like Stannis, but there is still time in the next episode for it to "take form" so to speak. I really liked the KL scenes. I know a lot of people were complaining about Joff's whore scene being unnecessary, but I think it was there more to show he was willing to take on Tyrion man-to-man, since he was sending the beaten girl up to him afterward. Joff's had enough of his uncle's scolding, he's a king now and can do as he pleases. Harrenhal was perfect, exactly how I imagined it would be. Dark, gloomy, depressing. I really didn't like the major departures from the book, and thought they weren't needed. Seeing Renly grab that apple while talking to Littlefinger felt like a smack in the face to the readership "haha we're giving him an apple, no peach scene for you." The whole scene felt off. Littlefinger gave Cat Ned's bones, that was the biggest WTF moment in this series so far. The state of Ned's bones is still in question in the books. I know it's not a major plot point, but didn't know why the needed to spend time on it this episode. The Dany scenes were better than usual, but I'm not a huge fan of the Dany storyline to begin with, both in the books and the show, so I'm a little biased here.