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  1. One question is will about whether Game of Thrones will have the longevity of Star Wars and Star Trek and become a brand name. This will depend on how the first spinoff series does. Will GoT: House of the Dragon ultimately be as successful as Star Trek: The Next Generation or Star Trek: Deep Space 9 or the Star Wars Prequel trilogy, Sequel trilogy, or the Mandalorian? And will we be seeing life in the GOT franchise 40+ years after the initial series ended? Or will Game of Thrones be a one off, mostly forgotten in 10 years.
  2. For all we know, Rey's parents abandoned a child on every planet they visited, Rey just happened to be the one that ran into BB-8 and was brought to the attention of Kylo, Snoke, Luke, Leia and ultimately Palpatine 2.0. That kid on Canto Bight might be Rey's little brother.
  3. Leofric

    Trailer Thread VI

    The whole thing about going to the cave and becoming a vampire to cure some disease reminds me of the Passage and pisses me off again that they cancelled the TV series after such a good first season.
  4. Leofric

    A New and Better World: William Morris and the Dawn of Fantasy

    I read The Well at Word's End and The Sundering Flood decades ago. Unfortunately, I remember little of the actual stories, but I do remember the cover art on the books was fantastic. The Well at World's End Vol I The Well at World's End Vol I & II The Sundering Flood
  5. When you start blowing up inhabited planets, hitting a billion should be pretty easy.
  6. So the question is what have the Resistance accomplished? The New Republic government was destroyed in the first film, the First Order lost it top leadership and the Resistance lost most of their organization and top leadership in the second movie. The final movie saw the last leaders of the Resistance, First Order and the Final Order destroyed and so the Resistance leadership has fallen down to Poe Dameron, a not very smart fighter pilot, supported by a rag tag fleet of armed freighters and smuggler ships which will probably disperse now that the Final Order threat is over. It seems to me the Galaxy is heading into a time of chaos and disorder, with just one Jedi to try and police the whole thing.
  7. The guards weren't necessarily avenging Snoke's death, but just realized they were witnesses to the assassination and so loose ends for the very unstable Kylo Ren to clean up. So they attacked out of self preservation. This is later confirmed when Kylo tells Hux that Rey killed Snoke. With the guards all dead and Rey gone there was no one to contradict him
  8. Also, didn't Judd claim to have killed the 7th Cavalry member who was sent to kill him on White Night. I assume he had a body asproof, so was that a fanatical member who was willing to die for the cause? Or did Judd slap a 7th Cavalry mask on some innocent man and kill him, in order to make himself a heroic survivor of White Night?
  9. Veidt ordered him to be the game warden because he would go crazy in a perfect world with no conflict, he needed an antagonist.
  10. Leofric

    The Mandalorian (Spoiler Thread)

    When we first saw it, I thought the transponder thing was just a remote that told the prison ship to send a distress signal, so smashing it served no purpose because the damage was done. But then he brings it across the galaxy to his old friend's space station, so it turned out that the remote was beacon itself, so yeah smashing seemed to be the way to go.
  11. They have certainly set it up for Jared Harris' return
  12. U.S. Congresswoman Mary Gay Scanlon from Pennsylvania summing up Democrat's case for the 1st article of impeachment simply: Sentence breakdown with a Sharpie
  13. Leofric

    Star Wars: The Circle is Almost Complete

    I think that is the way to look at it, that Bespin didn't have the right equipment to freeze someone properly, so they had to jury-rig something up to do it which needed to be tested. Leia telling Han he had hibernation sickness causing his blindness when he was thawed out would indicate that the process was common enough that the effects when you were released were well known.
  14. Maybe he was turned into a statue in order to bring him back to Earth. A statue wouldn't need food and water and air, which means you could use a much simpler space craft to rescue him. She may be keeping him a statue until she's ready to use him, as once he is reanimated he may be difficult to control.
  15. I'm thinking Veidt created the machine, probably after he did something that got his first two caretakers killed and he needed replacements. Dr M didn't need a machine to speed up the development of the first two babies.