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  1. Here's how I want it to play out, cribbing from The Ten Commandments. Pelosi: Let the name of Donald Trump be stricken from every book and tablet, stricken from all pylons and obelisks, stricken from every monument of America. Let the name of Donald Trump be unheard and unspoken, erased from the memory of men for all time. McConnell: So let it be written, so let it be done.
  2. As I understand it, the Vox Machina (Campiagn 1), takes place in the same world, but on a separate continent with little, or no, cross over between the two Campaigns. So starting with Campaign 2, I'm only only missing out on some of their jokes and references, out of character, to previous events. Basically at this rate, unless I take vacation time for another binge it'll take me many, many months (over 90 4-hour episodes to go) to catch up to the current show, so will be a long time before I even think about watching the 1st Campaign. But I saw that the animated Legends of Vox Machina is coming to Amazon Prime in 2021 so will watch that instead.
  3. Graham talking as if any threat is over, but most people see Trump as still a clear and present danger as long as he is in office and his followers are continuing to talk about disrupting the actual inauguration.
  4. Hopefully, they hit him with the 25th Amendment or fast track an impeachment, so he can't pardon anyone.
  5. Sorcha from Willow is one that comes to mind. Kidnaps a child to give to her mother to be sacrificed, but later turns on her mother after falling for a pixie-dusted Madmartigan. Though I guess you could say she has a similar arc to some Bond girls, except she and Madmartigan appear to be married at the end and plan to raise the baby girl, Elora. Then in MCU is full of redemption arcs. You have Gamora rejecting her adoptive father Thanos, and fighting against Ronan to save Xandar and later Nebula also rejecting Thanos and both fighting against Ego and Thanos himself. Wanda created by Hydra and helping Ultron, before joining the Avengers. That is also Natasha's, the Black Widow's backstory, trying to remove the red from her ledger. Though in none of these, the redemption is not the central story, more side stories for character development.
  6. If I am down to my last $20 dollar bill, I'll go to an ATM and get $200 cash and then use that til it runs out. Pre-Covid, this usually had me hitting the ATM about once a month. Since Covid, I've probably hit the ATM three times since March. I still mostly use cash for minor purchases/lunches. Old and set in my ways, also don't want big brother tracking my movements .
  7. I've never really played D&D, my brother and I had the basic game and AD&D Players Handbook (the one with the huge glowing demon statue on the cover) back in the late 70's and messed around with it for a summer. But I am well aware of it, starting with playing the Radiant Pool computer game back in the day (still have the box, floppy discs, and the physical coder wheel to decipher the password to unlock it somewhere). But never found a group to play with. But would like to thank whoever mentioned Matt Mercer and Critical Role above. I have now lost most of the last two weeks binging the first 26 episodes of their second campaign (started with the Mighty Nein). If I ever catch up with current campaign, I may got back and check out the Vox Machina Campaign. Their voice talents and roleplay are amazing. It's damn addictive, with the cliff hangers causing you to immediately start the next one even though you just finished watching a 4 hour episode. Now, I have to go back to work, and go though withdrawal.
  8. I own a townhouse-style condominium with a HOA fee. The fees pay for our water/sewer bills and for a management company who deal with landscaping, roofing, exterior painting, and maintenance of the driveways, pool, and clubhouse in the complex. We are responsible for our garbage service and other utilities. In my 15 years there, the only interaction I have had with the HOA other than the bimonthly newsletters and notification of maintenance activities on my building, has been one notice that the carpeting on the steps at my front door was looking frayed. For this situation, a condo with shared buildings and landscaping, I don't mind having the HoA to handle those issues. But I would never buy a single family home in a neighborhood with an HOA, because everything I heard is that in those cases it is all about policing other peoples' homes in service to not impacting the resale value, dictated by the 'aesthetic' of whomever is in charge.
  9. With Grogu being 50, he probably had more formal training than Luke ever did. He might even teach Luke some things once he gets past the mental block, and might have even end up an instructor at Luke's academy.
  10. Well he lost his shaving kit when the Razorcrest was destroyed, maybe his mustache just grows faster.
  11. Well, Obi-Wan did give him that last lesson about the higher ground when they last saw each other.
  12. Are they going to get Temuera Morrison to play all the clones in the Bad Batch, or go straight to the master, Tatiana Maslany.
  13. Someone's feeling lucky and wants to hit triple 7's (12.5 km = 7.77 miles).
  14. I didn't find the first few episodes funny enough to to get past watching "a bunch of crazy power hungry spoiled brats" who I thoroughly disliked. So I gave up on it.
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