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  1. Way too many to choose from if you are limited to one. Fallout is great, Prime's most recent hit, but they have quite a backlog of very good original series, including: The Boys/GenV - dark comic book adaptation Bosch - great detective show based books by Michael Connelly The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel - dramedy Man in the High Castle - alternate history based on book by Philip K. Dick Good Omens - comedy based on book by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett Upload - sci fi comedy about virtual reality Sneaky Pete - crime caper starring Giovanni Ribisi as a conman/thief Invincible - animated superhero show The Legend of Vox Machina - animated D&D campaign
  2. I've only played Fallout 4 for about an hour (screen was making me dizzy) and never went back. But I have quickly watched the first three episodes of this show (after watching the latest Bad Batch) and am liking Lucy's, Maximus', and Coop's story lines so far, not sure about Norman's yet, waiting to see where that goes. Hadn't watched the trailers so Michael Rapaport and Michael Emerson were nice surprises.
  3. The attack on Sietch Tabr triggers him to drink the Water of Life because, as he says in the movie, he had not foreseen the attack in his visions, it took him by surprise. I've seen speculation that he didn't see it because it was planned by Feyd-Ruatha who had almost as much potential to be the "chosen one" as Paul through the breeding program. He drank the water to strengthen his visions of the future.
  4. Back in 2017, I was invited to a wedding in Kentucky the same weekend as that total eclipse, so I stayed an extra couple of days and witnessed that one. It was pretty spectacular seeing the totality and my sister got some awesome photos of it. I will be nowhere near the path of the upcoming eclipse this time, so will miss it.
  5. Wow, hadn't thought of those books in decades, still have the first 4 packed away somewhere.
  6. The canisters filled with purple liquid found throughout the ship are highly explosive, collected them as you make your way to the bridge and drop them next to the two combatants and let the Ithillid take the commanders health down as much as he can before he dies, then ignite the canisters immediately. May be enough to take him down. Could also send Us in to add damage on the commander, if you freed him.
  7. I gave my brother the Empire of Ice and Stone: The Disastrous and Heroic Voyage of the Karluk by Buddy Levy for Christmas, he had asked for it, so I haven't read it personally. It is the tale of a failed Arctic expedition in 1913 and the loss of the Karluk, a ship, after it got caught in an early winter freeze.
  8. Nice list. All in for Miles Cameron x2, Nicholas Eames, Christopher Buehlman, and S.A. Corey. Not familiar with the other authors, but they are in good company on this list so will keep an eye out.
  9. November 1st - All Saints Day 1458 - in a move no one was expecting, the Spanish Inquisition was established. 1952 - the U.S detonated the first hydrogen bomb 1955 - The Vietnam War started between North and South Vietnam.
  10. I wonder if he is going to include the Watchers from the television series.
  11. Also televison's Jason Ritter, brought to you by the letter K.
  12. I have a couple thousand paperbacks stashed in my house and garage, collected over the last 50 years. They are mostly stored in plastic bins, alphabetically by author. I have converted to a kindle now, mainly for the sheer convenience of grabbing a new book any time day or night, but one of the things that spurred this transition was many publishers switching to the taller paperbacks that totally screwed over my storage system, which annoyed me. I still buy used paperbacks, the regular sized ones, but most of my new book purchases are now ebooks. That article is interesting as I was a young teen having just burned through all of the science fiction and fantasy authors, Heinlein, Asimov, Herbert, Tolkein, Lewis etc. in my local libraries and finally had my own money from mowing lawns when DelRey books appeared to give me more reading material.
  13. Does this mean Thrawn is stranded in the our Galaxy, in the Milky Way, and Kevin Bacon is about to become canon in Star Wars as well as the Marvel Universe.
  14. I do like the the new Snail people tribe that adopted Ezra, it's kind of fun to have a race of nomadic snails. But it is annoying that they happen to be only a day's ride from the location that the Witches are hanging out, but Thrawn still needed to use Sabine to find Ezra. But I guess that's better than having Sabine wandering the wilderness for several episodes looking for him. Baylan is definitely rejecting the whole Jedi/Sith mindset and trying to find an older, deeper way to tap into the Force.
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