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  1. Leofric

    Watch, Watched, Watching: Midsommar Night Blues

    The series was kind of a sequel, Bradley Cooper's character is in the background (Cooper makes a few guest appearances). But the show's focus on a different character (much more likeable) who stumbles on the pills and becomes involved with the FBI.
  2. Leofric

    Watch, Watched, Watching: Midsommar Night Blues

    The Limitless television series was much, much better. I was pissed it was canceled after one season.
  3. Leofric

    Third Quarter 2019 Reading

    Finished Thorns of A Black Rose a couple weeks ago, really enjoyed the story and the North African inspired setting with Tuareg and Hashashin types thrown in. Shukara was great, liked her confidence, her timed summoning spell was a nice little minor twist. Tamira was a survivor. Loved Jassan's opportunistic action at the end. Worth every rupee . Then I read The Big Ship at the Edge of the Universe by Alex Winter, great adventure story with race cars, spaceships, magic and technology all intertwined in the hunt for a missing ship. Other reviews I've seen all mention Firefly and can definitely see some similarities between the crew of the Capricious and the crew of Serenity. I just finished, The Green Man's Foe by Juliette McKenna, the sequel to Green Man's Heir. Liked it as much as the first, mythology and faerie creatures hiding in the woods in modern England and Daniel, the son of dryad, sent by the Green Man to deal with another threat. Next up is the latest Penric and Desdemona novella by Lois McMasters Bujold, Orphans of Raspay.
  4. Leofric

    To Tweet Or Not To Tweet? That Is The Question!

    I've never joined Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, but it's not surprising as I'm not a very social person ( as would be evident in that I've been a member of this site since EZboard days but I mainly lurk and follow topics and still have less than 1,000 posts). I do use Skype and instant messaging at work , but prefer email or phone calls. I should join Linkedin as many people in my profession use it for networking, but have yet to get around to it, as I haven't changed jobs in years. I did join WhatsApp when members of my family and I, who are scattered across the US and even one in Russia, were planning a trip to Europe, we used that and Skype to get together and plan the trip. It was much easier than having multiple phones calls back and forth. We still use it sporadically since.
  5. Leofric

    What should be done... about climate change

    Whose knows what the effect a little too much trickle charging might have on an AI.
  6. Leofric

    What should be done... about climate change

    I think digging underground structures on Mars was the main reason Musk started The Boring Company, even though he plays it off as an afterthought.
  7. Leofric

    The Boys (Amazon)

  8. Leofric

    Watch, Watched, Watching: Midsommar Night Blues

    Saw Yesterday over the weekend. A sweet, funny movie with an obviously great soundtrack. Some parts were pretty predictable but still enjoyed it a lot.
  9. Leofric

    Upcoming TV Series of 2019/2020 - Your most anticipated shows

    One of my favorite film versions of the King Arthur (other the Monty Python and the Holy Grail) has been the musical Camelot with Richard Harris. Most of the other film adaptations haven't really lived up to my expectations from reading the Boy's King Arthur and the Once and Future King growing up. Excalibur came close at times, but still went a little strange. The Warlord Chronicles and Mary Stewart's Merlin books are probably my favorite books retelling the Arthur myth, would love to see either one adapted to the television (the Merlin miniseries covered some of Merlin origins, but leaned much more heavily on magic than Stewart's Merlin). I did like how Guy Gavriel Kay incorporated elements of the Arthur myth in his Fionavar Tapestry. Also liked Camelot 3000's take on King Arthur's return.
  10. Leofric

    Libraries in fiction

    The latest library in fiction I visited was the Bottomless Library in Josiah Bancroft's Books of Babel. The librarian is a cat, you ask it for a book title and it will lead you to it. Remember to pack plenty of food and water, for you and the cat, as you don't know how many hours or days the journey to your book will take.
  11. Leofric

    Once Upon A Time In Hollywood (spoilers)

    Was Cliff's Karmann Ghia the same one from Kill Bill Vol. 2 ?
  12. Leofric

    Third Quarter 2019 Reading

    In July, I finished The Kingdom of Copper by S.A. Chakraborty, the second book in the Daevabad trilogy, still loving the Arabian Night type setting with magic and djinn in a magical city. Then read Limited Wish by Mark Lawrence, the second book in the Impossible Times series, time travel, paradox and a bit of D&D. Then A Brightness Long Ago by Guy Gavriel Kay, as good as ever, seemed a quicker read than his last two. Just started reading Elven Queen, the third book in Bernhard Hennen's Saga of the Elven, which is diving right into the troll war on Elves and men. I guess this is the last of his books that has been translated into English so far. Next up are Thorns of a Black Rose by David Craig (aka Derfel Cadarn) and A Big Ship at the Edge of the Universe by Alex White.
  13. Leofric

    The Books That Have Just Come Out: New Release Thread II

    I liked Resurrection Men a lot so will give this a shot. I googled it and hit the link to the book on Amazon, and it said the kindle price was $350.00 ?!! Then I noticed the link had sent me to Amazon.in, it was 350.00 rupees, not dollars.
  14. Leofric

    Trailer Thread V

    This looks fun, loved the first one. Loved the beginning bit that the whole cast is made up of Academy Award nominees and winners.
  15. Leofric

    Small, unworthy things: part whatever

    Last month I flew from Dallas to Paris on a 9 hour flight with a whole row to myself, I know exactly what you're feeling.