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  1. Apparently they were hit by debris from firing a blank round, the same way Brandon Lee was accidentally killed on the set of The Crow. I saw an old interview the other day with Ben Browder and Claudia Black and Ben Browder mentioned how when they were firing weapons on the set of the SG-1 most the crew were behind plexiglass shields, and after they finished shooting some scenes you could see little bits of metal from the blank casings embedded in the plexiglass.
  2. Been a month or more since I checked in. I read the Chaos Walking trilogy by Patrick Ness. I saw the movie first and I liked the premise, but it ended kind of abruptly, then I heard it only really covered the first book. So I read the whole thing, which had a much more intriguing world and story. Then I finished the final book in the Bone Ships trilogy by R.J. Barker, The Bone Ship's Wake. Continued to love the shipboard sailing and combat. The ending was not what i was expecting, still not sure about it. Read Naomi Novik's The Last Graduate. The ending worked for me even if it had been a duology, but have heard it is now a trilogy which will be fun to see. Then read Susanna Clarke's Piranesi which was beautiful. Finally read Blackout and am now reading All Clear by Connie Willis, a dive into time travel and World War II England. Next up will be the Moss Roberts' translation of the Romance of the Three Kingdoms.
  3. Walking and the Time Machine are not adding additional volume and mass to the world, they just readjusting its location as you move (or things move around you in the Time Machine's case). The terminator sphere is forcing its way into the new timestream and expanding rapidly, compressing the air and solids around it that are being displaced, causing friction, heat, and static discharge. So the surrounding atmosphere will be slightly denser after the time traveler arrives as the volume and mass of the traveler's body and the air he brought with him in the sphere are incorporated into the timestream's atmosphere..
  4. I liked The Machineries of Empire series, but agree the first book throws a lot at you and takes some time to digest. The rest of the books seemed more accessible, not sure if it was because I had already learned the enough from the first book to understand what was going on or Lee assumed that once the underlying systems and concepts of the universe were explained, they could then just be accepted and no longer focused on.
  5. Another possibility, if Sauron and the One Ring had survived, is that the Witch-King soul would have lingered bound to the rings until Sauron gifted it to another Man. We know the Elven and Dwarven Rings have been passed on to other bearers, so Sauron could raised up a new Ringwraith to replace the Witch King and once someone else was bound to the ring, the Witch King would be released to true death.
  6. Interesting. For 30 years , until I brought a hybrid, all my personal cars have been manual transmission, and the only time I even thought of using the parking brake, other than when parking, was on some of the streets of San Francisco. Obviously I always thought of it as the parking brake, not a handbrake. I don't even know if using the hand brake is a rule in the U.S. when driving a manual transmission as I took my driving test in an automatic. Talking on the phone when driving is definitely out. I used to just ignore the phone when driving. But my newest car does have bluetooth so I can now talk through the car's sound system while driving without touching the phone. Other than a tendency to speed, I am pretty good about following the rules of the road, signalling, giving people space, being aware of whats going on around me. My company requires us to take safe driver training every few years, so it keeps it fresh. Because of the speeding thing, I have avoided getting anything that would monitor my driving habits.
  7. Going by the September photos, the 132 Cub is nothing but a ball of hair.
  8. If the TVA exists within the quantum realm of one universe, then potentially every universe has a location where the infinity stones have no power and the quantum realms could be refuges in every universe from Ultron and the Infinity stones. Did Scott/Antman survive the snap because he was the part of the half Thanos picked to live, or because he was outside the reach of the infinity stones in the quantum realm when the snap occurred?
  9. The other reason they stated that Trump wanted it kept secret was that he was going to be anesthetized during the procedure, and that Pence should have been notified that he was acting-President while Trump was incapacitated, but Trump didn't want t give Pence that power for even a few hours.
  10. Or Odin added the the whole being worthy requirement after he took Mjolnir away in order to make Thor have to work at getting it back. Before that Mjolnir just worked for Thor because Odin had told it to.
  11. Well, the reason Odin took Mjolnir away in the first movie was because Thor tried to start a war with Jotunheim, but since Thor and Loki, Prince of Jotumheim, are best buds, then Thor never tried to pick a fight and Odin didn't have a reason to take Mjolnir away.
  12. It has been a while since I last read Dune, and even longer since I read the sequels, but I was never under the impression that Fremen were on the edge of starvation or suffering from deprivation, except for those being abused by the Harkonen near the main city. The Fremen of the Deep Desert seemed to thriving, in fact most of the off-worlders were surprised in the end by how many Fremen there actually were living in the Deep Deserts. The Fremen lived in a harsh environment that required all of their people, men, women and children, to be in peak physical condition and to maintain strict discipline (water discipline and obedience) in every aspect of their life, as any mistake could lead to death. And their leaders needed to be strong, their best, to enforce and maintain that discipline. So their daily conditioning and culture of discipline gave them a strong basis for being exceptional soldiers.
  13. Until we get to Matrix Rebooted and experience deja vu.
  14. Stephen King has been publishing novels for half a century and J.K. Rowling for close to 30 years, both are read and remain popular across multiple generations. How many generations does it take before they can be used in a class room? And if an English class is about the usage of the English language, shouldn't it include the usage by contemporary authors, not just authors who have been dead for a century or more, as well as the usage in essays on different topics, including social and political topics, as well as in novels and poetry. As to your early premise that people can not appreciate classic literature unless they read specific books in a specific order in their formative years, without throwing any "fast-food" into the mix, I disagree. Whether your reading choices started with comic books or Plato in the original Greek, you can certainly grow to love reading, and then you will read anything you can lay hands on, though not necessarily in the prescribed order.
  15. I'm in California and don't know how it will turn out. I thought the recall of Gray Davis was bullshit, but he got yanked and replaced with Arnold, and Newsom has done less than Davis to upset people. Every registered voter in California is receiving the ballot in the mail, and it is basically 2 questions, should Gavin Newsom be recalled, yes or no, and if Newsom is recalled then which of these 50 unknown candidates should be the next governor. So, potentially you could have very high turnout as people just need to check two boxes and drop it in the mail. I think Newsom stays in office, but it'll actually come down to the level of apathy, how many people care enough to make even that small effort. If Newsom does get voted out, we'll probably end up with a Republican Governor as the Democrats strategy is basically telling everyone to leave the second question blank and not endorsing any Democrat candidate, relying on Newsom to keep his job..
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