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  1. That there is no overarching galactic media/internet kinda of makes sense, because if the Republic/Empire is truly made up of millions of planets and quadrillions of inhabitants, you could hardly comprehend, let alone need to know, what is happening in all the corners of Republic/Empire among millions of different cultures, races, and species. I would expect only a tiny fraction of a percent of the population would become involved in interests beyond their home planet. It would make sense for there to be more localized servers/internet and news for the general populace to learn about their local governments and issues among the few thousand closest planets as the local governments themselves would be largely automonous. The decisions made by the Republic government or the Emperor would have little impact on most lives, unless your one planet out of millions got caught up in the Rebellion (sorry Alderaan)
  2. I just finished an Ironman game in CK3 starting in Castille and definitely saw the issues with fervor, I was trying to get the Reconquista achievement which requires conquering the Iberian Peninsula and converting it all to a christian religion. I had conquered everything by the 1200's but by that time the Catholic fervor had dropped down to close to 0%, so it was saying it would take close to 100 years to convert each muslim county to Catholicism. I finally figured out that by getting a couple of the early Faith perks in the learning focus, you could remove fervor from the conversion calculation, and that changed the Conversion rate from a century to less than decade for each county. It still took until 1420 for me to finally complete the Reconquista achievement as each ruler needed to get those perks to keep up the conversion rate.
  3. I just assumed it was a desire for shared misery, they had to suffer through it and wanted Gaston to share the pain. I luckily missed it when it first aired, and was warned how bad it was, so never tried to track it down myself.
  4. I tried Alfred first as well and had the same result. My brother died and I claimed Wessex and then got jumped on by every Viking out there with surprisingly, Gardariki coming all the way from eastern Europe to deliver the coup de grâce to end that game quickly. Then started in 1066 as the Dunin dynasty of Upper and Lower Silesia. Served the Piasts of Poland for a few years until they lost the throne to Hungary, so I reclaimed Polish independence and throne and held it until one of my younger half-brothers inherited the Byzantine Empire and conquered Poland with his claim knocking my character back to a Duke. The Catholics were all converted to the Paulician faith of the Empire. Then then Byzantines lost Poland to the Carpathian Empire. The Carpathian Empire started as Hungary and Bohemia, but at their peak they included most of Europe by uniting with the Holy Roman Empire until inheritance caused them to split up again. By 1350, I had managed to reclaim Poland and then break free of the decaying Carpathian Empire and becoming independent again, and then switched back to Catholic to escape a brutal Holy War. And then Steam had an update and now I can't open up my saved Cloud files for that game. At that point my Dynasty was Famous and had 17 cadet houses, We had won the 1st Crusade (I couldn't join the later ones as a Paulician) and became the first Kings of Jerusalem (who founded my first cadet branch, Dunin-as-Surrah). Several of the other cadet houses had been swapping back and forth, taking turns as the Byzantine Emperors for over 150 years.
  5. Finally got a round to watching Kingdom on Netflix, a Korean zombie period piece. Have only watched the first three episodes so far, but liking it a lot. Very well done, liked them showing the aftermath first and then jumping back to show what actually happened and liked their version of zombie/vampire mythology. Still trying to get their names straight, going more by their titles and ranks. There is the Crown Prince starting to show his mettle, his bodyguard is great, the doctor and the criminal keep trying to save people, but they are being ignored or arrested. The Minister, who is making puppy eyes at the doctor, his clerk, and the rest of nobles who are clueless. And the Queen, her father, and Clan whose attempts to hold onto power had set everything in motion. Hopefully will have time to finish Season 1 this weekend and dive right into Season 2.
  6. 1. You always assume a worm is close, so you use the thumper as a distraction as you stagger-step away from it. 2. The bigger worms prefer the deep desert where the sands are deeper because they travel below the surface, they come up the the surface to feed. The first man on the worm has ropes trailing behind him that play out as the worm rolls to keep the gap in its segments caused by the hooks out of the sand, the rest to climb using the ropes, they don't use hooks to climb as that would cause the worm to roll again. 3. They may be belaying down the worm's sides using the ropes, or the worm only keeps enough of its body above the surface to keep the gap caused by the hooks free of sand, so they are not jumping down half the worm's diameter.
  7. I assumed they thought of the cool stunt of the car lodged in the tree first and then after filming it realized a T-Rex with his stubby arms couldn't throw a car up into a tree. Therefore car had to fall onto the tree, so they added the cliff.
  8. My understanding of the most likely pathways of infection are being in crowds around other people and touching something and then touching your face. If you wear a mask in public and wash/sanitize your hands after being out and about and before eating or doing anything that requires touching your face, you have taken the two most effective preventative steps. The rest depends on your living situation. Are you living alone, just with your sister, or with a lot more people? And do you have a lot of guests coming over? The more traffic in the home, the more inclined to do a more thorough/frequent cleaning. But if its just you and your immediate family, and no one has tested positive or shows any symptoms, it may be a bit of overkill. Wiping down the phone makes some sense, you are handling it all day, even when you out in public, and it is something you often put near your face even when you don't have a mask on, so can't hurt to clean it when you come home.
  9. The second half of July started with The Ten Thousand Doors of January by Alix E. Harrow. Liked this a lot as January grows up and learns who she really is and her place and role in this world and the others she finds her way to. Then read the novella All Systems Red by Martha Wells, very fun introduction to the Murderbot, definitely will be reading further stories. Then read the Themis Files trilogy (Sleeping Giants, Waking Gods, ad Being Human) by Syvain Neuvel, about the discovery of sections of a giant robot that had hidden around the world thousands of years ago, the work done to find the pieces and bring them together for study and the ramifications of one nation having control of a vastly superior weapon and solving the mystery of where the robot had come form. The entire trilogy is told through letters, reports, transcripts, and recorded interviews. Some interesting ideas, not sure I liked how it concluded. Now reading Kindred by Octavia Butler, been meaning to read it for years, finally getting around to it.
  10. The Good The Good Place (NBC) Final Season (Weekly) Dark (Netflix) S1, S2, S3 (binge) Upload (Prime) S1 (binge) Star Wars: Clone Wars (Disney +) S7 (weekly) Westworld (HBO) S3 (weekly) Lost in Space (Netflix) S2 (binge) Penny Dreadful: City of Angels (SHO) S1 (Weekly) The Alright Snowpiercer (TNT) S1 (weekly) I will be Gone in the Dark (HBO) (weekly) Devs (FX) S1 (binge) Hanna (Prime) S2 (binge) Brooklyn Nine-Nine S7 (Weekly) Stumptown S1 (weekly) Beforeigners (Netflix) S1 (binge) The Outsider (HBO) S1 (weekly) The disappointing Last Kingdom (Netflix) S4 (binge) Avenue 5 (HBO) S1 (weekly) The started but haven’t bothered to finish Handmaids Tale (Hulu) S3 (binge) The Great (Hulu) S1 (binge) Vagrant Queen (SyFy) S1 (weekly/DVR) The still watching / not finished The Alienist (TNT) S2 (weekly) Alone (Hist) S7 (weekly) Agents of Shield (ABC) S7 (weekly) The 100 (CW) S6 (weekly) Perry Mason (HBO) S1 (weekly)
  11. I 'm a little unclear on misogynistic questions. I would certainly say that the character of Indiana Jones is misogynistic in his treatment of women, but not the movies themselves, except maybe Temple of Doom, treating Willie throughout most of the film as a damsel in distress. But the female characters depicted in the other films, Marion and Elsa more than held their own against Indy and the the rest of the the male characters. The misogyny is part of Indy's character and could be seen as part of the typical attitude and character of a man in the 1930s. I think the 1930's character of Indy would fit in with many of the films from the 1930s and 40's with starring Clark Gable, Cary Grant, Humphrey Bogart etc. I saw them all in the theaters. And my sisters and other girls I knew all loved them, or Harrison Ford at least.
  12. The song predates the movie. Wyatt Earp was a real person, a famous lawman in the late 1800's in the Western United States, he is probably most famous for his time as a marshal in Tombstone, Arizona and the Gunfight at the OK Corral, where he, his brothers, and Doc Holiday faced off against a local gang. His life has been depicted and fictionalized in countless books, radio, movies, and television series. Tombstone is one of the more recent movies about him, starring Kurt Russell as Wyatt, Val Kilmer as Doc Holiday, and Sam Elliot and Bill Paxton as Wyatt's brothers. It is excellent.
  13. I like your essay, however I don't agree that the Germans wouldn't have found the Ark if Indy hadn't been in the movie. They had already found the City of Tanis, and if they kept systematically digging they would have found the Ark. Unfortunately for them, they found the Map Room first and got side tracked looking for the Headpiece of Ra, trying to find a short cut to take them straight to the Ark. If they didn't get the Headpiece they would have gone back to systematically digging up the whole site and eventually found the building housing the Ark.
  14. I thought the ending showed the other half of Indiana, the academic side. He had studied and had a better understanding than Belloq and the Germans of what the Ark truly was. They thought of it only as a weapon, but It wasn't a weapon at all, just a power artifact, a gift from directly God, and you needed to show humility and respect before it. The Israelites understood this and used that knowledge to use the Ark as a weapon, I'm sure the Israelite army all ducked and covered with the mantra "We are Not Worthy" when the priests announced they were opening the ark, while their enemies were destroy by looking boldly on the power of God, just as Belloq and the Germans were.
  15. Well after the last named Dothraki were killed off in Season 2, the rest of the Dothraki became extras, (other than one episode with the Dothraki BBQ near the end). So there weren't many conversations going on in Dothraki to discuss, just a couple of speeches by Emilia to rally her troops.
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