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    Into the Badlands, Thoughts?

    So the Smoke monster makes their eyes go black.
  2. Leofric

    Into the Badlands, Thoughts?

    Yeah Quinn not finishing off or capturing Sunny after the explosion doesn't make sense. Plus Quinn stabbed Sunny in the side with a sai, which Sunny ignores, but Biaji gets stabbed in the same location with a pair of scissors and seems to die and Veil and Quinn both die from one thrust of the same weapon. It appears that Biaje used the book and compass unlocked a frequency or encoded message that was broadcast from the tower presumably going to Azra, the city MK and maybe all the others with his "gift" originate from. Biaji thinks he is saving the world by sending the message, but we don't know from who or what; the abbots maybe or the Widow or something else.
  3. It was destroyed with the oil rig unless the Russian loaded it on to his submarine. Fitz did design it, so if the writers had wanted to use it, they could have had them cobble together a new one some how.
  4. Leofric

    American Gods on Starz

    Liked the first episode alot. I haven't read the book since it first came out 15? 20? years ago, so I've forgotten most of the details. Some things I'm remembering as they show up, kind of a bit of deja vu. But for the most part it feels all new to me which is all good.
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    The Magicians - SyFy [SHOW SPOILERS ONLY]

    Yep, they practically cut people off mid-sentence.
  6. Leofric

    Legion (FX's Marvel tv series) [SPOILERS]

    Didn't Ptolomy say his mother died when he was five and he remembers her singing that song? If that song came out in 1983, then the show would have to be 20 to 25 years later, assuming Ptolomy is in his late 20's or early thirties, which would be in the 2000's, which of course doesn't match any of the visual clues..
  7. Didn't Aida say she had to reset the Framework and make adjustments when she added new people to it? So she would have had to change it to make Simmons alive if the LMDs had captured Jemma and uploaded her brain, but since Daisy and Jemma hacked their way in, Jemma's history inside is that she is dead in the current version. Be interesting to see if that gives Jemma more power in the Framework as she is independent of the Framework operating program, while Daisy has dropped into a preprogrammed role.
  8. Leofric

    Who Are We Anyway: Tracing Our History

    Thanks for the heads up, I've got several branches of the family traced back to their arrival from England, Ireland, and Scotland which I could dive into. Now if they just had a free German records weekend that would take care of the majority of my ancestry.
  9. Leofric

    Boarders Writing a Novel Part 15

    Is the friend closer in age to the father or the son? Was he friends with one before he met the other? If the friend is closer to the father's age, the father might be "Hunt" and the son might be "Wilton, my boy", or "young master Wilton" If the friend is closer to the son's age, the father might always be "Mr. Hunt" and the son be "Wilton" or "Hunt"
  10. Leofric

    Legion (FX's Marvel tv series) [SPOILERS]

    I thought there was some kind of animal in the cage and I wondered if had some kind of link with the wolf sculpture the curly-haired guy put on the table during the interrogation. But then he began carving something else, so wasn't sure. She mentioned not allowing skin-to-skin contact. She was well enough covered and gloved in the field to be able to grab him, but in the hospital she may have exaggerated the "don't touch me" to avoid any accidental contact with all the other patients and staff.
  11. Thought the chariot was a nice nod to Thor's chariot pulled by two goats.
  12. Plus their main goal was to clear the hotel so they could barricade it up without walkers inside, so even if the walkers did make it back to shore they would still be outside.
  13. That was a great ending and would be fitting as series end if it is not renewed. Most of the characters got some sort of closure or resolution If they do renew, they have at least one potential story line they could follow with perhaps Victor and Lily coming back together to stop Jekyll once he goes full Hyde and begins attacking women.
  14. I think I can understand their reluctance, while they have little reason to trust the military, the fact that someone is calling in airstrikes means some part of the US government still exists and is trying to do something about the outbreak. Going to Mexico means giving up even the illusion that someday things may go back to normal, that country borders and civilization mean anything anymore.
  15. I'm still disappointed that they skipped over the collapse of civilization last season and have now jumped straight into to the military firebombing cities. The issue whether to to help the people in the other boat, kind of missed a step. Strand saying no makes sense for his character. But Travis should have had a little more talking through of how could they help them if they decided to try, before coming to the right decision to abandon them. They don't know how long they'll be stuck on the boat with their existing supplies, nowhere safe to drop them off between the fires and the dead on shore. Alicia basically spilling everything about the Abigail being the perfect boat to ride out the apocalypse in to her new friend Jack definitely sets up the next conflict. Sunday nights will get awfully crowded in a few weeks with GoT, Penny Dreadful, and Silicon Valley coming back, so hopefully Fear will do something soon to make me really want to DVR it and keep up with it.