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    How Would You Rate Episode 110

    Loved it. First episode I gave a 10. Not much else to say, but there wasn't a single scene I disliked. Even the Pycelle scene turned out great after a boring start.
  2. Ramsay Bolton

    How Would You Rate Episode 109?

    I felt it was damn near perfect. This was an important episode with many big scenes, and they nailed them pretty much spot on. Walder Frey wasn't really as I imagined him, but thats a minor quibble. I'd rather miss out on battle scenes instead of having them done half-assed. That's all I can say on that subject. Interestingly enough the ending wasn't what got me teary-eyed, it was the scene where Robb rode out from the woods and Catelyn cried in relief. Really enjoying Michelle Fairley in her role.