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    Official Testing Thread

    testing links
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    Official Testing Thread

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    [Book Spoilers] EP 204 Discussion

    LOL, awesome, thanks for clarification, I really didn't get that whole thing... :lol:
  4. Orestes

    How would you rate episode 204?

    Overall loved the episode - solid 8! Less liked Joff/whores scene, only because I think they should have focus Joff's wickedness more on Sansa... in the books he was a lot more brutal to her and I would like to see that rather than him being sadistic with some poor whores. (Also I dislike Sansa and everything about her so maybe that's just me curing my frustration :devil: ). However, I would much more prefer other awesome scenes from the book, I feel there's a bit too much "let's shock the viewers" thing going on. Bolton was great, I instantly recognized him! Harenhall looked awesome! Rob/Talisa story was ok, I guess, I have to see where they go with it. Arya and Tyrion scenes were great as usual. Especially scene with Lancel. Cat was good too but TV LF sucks. I hope the writers know what are they doing with LF because he seems more and more piteous to me and that shouldn't be the thing I feel when I see LF. Dany and Qarth were "meh" but I'm glad that they're finally moving forward with her story. The best parts - Robb and Grey Wolf scene and shadowbaby - pure win! Can't wait to watch it again with boyfriend and see his reaction. :drool:
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    Hello everyone from a long time lurker from Croatia! There's so many stuff in here that I haven't picked up from the books, not to mention all sort of theories that wouldn't occur to me in million years, so I will probably spend here the next three years, till the WoW comes out. So thanks for that! :cool4: Also, thanks for saving my weekend from boredom! (I've found some good recommendations for other readings here.) :bowdown: :thumbsup: for good work!