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  1. Lady Godiva

    [Book Spoilers] EP510 Discussion

    For those who keep harping on this being the worst show in this season or the worst season, it really is not at all. It has some great points. Was this the best show of all season? No. But is it the worst? No. This season is one of the best for several reasons, one including dragon riding. If you don't like the show let's see you do better with the limitations of the budget. I can tell you that they worked their butts off and they did a good job. Let's see you create something as good onscreen.
  2. Lady Godiva

    [Book Spoilers] EP510 Discussion

    I'm just glad we don't have a whole show on her squatting in the grass because something made her sick. She should have stayed more by her dragon or at least to a portion where he could see her and she could see him. She's not the brightest.
  3. Lady Godiva

    [Book Spoilers] EP510 Discussion

    Actually, what she did was pretty smart. They will either take him hostage or kill him. Either way will incite a war. Ellaria and her snakes will have vindication that the Lannisters need to be wiped out. She is guessing that they would kill him. She sees the Lannisters as cut throat and would kill him easy without flinching. This would finally make Doran go to war. Oh and Split Pea has some valid points. Whoever is being a complete knob, seriously go get a drink and come back when you have passed out and have better things to say.
  4. Lady Godiva

    [Book Spoilers] EP510 Discussion

    It is actually one of the best shows... still watching and will continue.. take your propaganda back to the rock you came from.
  5. Lady Godiva

    [Book Spoilers] EP510 Discussion

    Yes, because he is not allowed to say otherwise. I personally don't believe this is the end of THIS Jon Snow. I do, however, hope that those men in The Watch who just killed their Lord Commander are killed and that it burns. :)
  6. Lady Godiva

    [Book Spoilers] EP510 Discussion

    Your rant was just that.. a rant. Your rant was nonsensical and smelled of bitter grapes. I think it was a good show tonight. Was it perfect? NO. Was it good? YES. Those complaining that you will not be back next season.. why? Ask yourself why you came to see it in the first place. This is an adaptation of the books. GRRM kills loved and non-loved characters alike. Often without reason. This world and culture in this time and place is about power, sex, rape, power, dragons, incest, power, manipulation, battles, oh and power! Every now and then you will hit a feel good moment and there will be death death. THIS is the formula from the book in book one and so on.. and in the show from season one and so on. I prefer The Dorne story versus the Riverlands. GRRM gave his approval and his map of what he is planning. Will it always match? No. But at some point it will continue to meet with the main characters, and main map of what GRRM wants.
  7. Lady Godiva

    [Book Spoilers] EP506 Discussion v. 2

    So.. those who are shocked by rape or bothered by it inside this series.. have you watched the whole series thus far? I know not all read the books, the show is tame compared to books. I am not excusing rape by any means.. but it is part of the cuture, the time period, life and how things back back in this time and in this world. Rape has also happened several times so far in the show and in the books... you shouldn't be shocked by it anymore just because it happens to a much loved character. In reality, Sansa really had it easy when she was married off to Tyrion. By all laws of marriage and right in this time and culture, he had every right to bed her down whether she was abiding or not. Because he is a gentleman and felt bad for her (as well as in love with a Prostitute), he told her she didn't have to and he wouldn't touch her until or unless she wanted to. 99.9% of men in this world (SOIAF world) would not do this. Thing is, since she never got down with Tyrion... she is free game and whoever beds her down would lend credibility in their favor and power over the North. Ramsey did force himself on her, because he wanted to.. but also he had a witness to prove that she has consumated the houses. I am calling this rape because of how it was done... but ultimately she had consented to the actual act itself (not the way in how it was done) because she knew that it was her role, her duty, her part to play for the goals she was planning in her head. There is no way did she think that he would be anotehr Tyrion and say no to the marriage bed.. she knew what was coming.. she probably didn't expect the brutality... But the readers and viewers did because we know Ramsey. Sansa's plot was not the only interesting one, so many things were carefully put on the chess board for the next move. It takes time to build up interest in characters, having viewers root for them because they know their story and feel their pain, it takes time to show different sides of the characters. Dorne has a vital role because they are a land and kingdom that has hated the Lannisters, and may have the power to form alliances with others to bring them down in many ways. At first, I was not happy that the writers took Jamie to Dorne instead of what the book dictated.. but this is better and it flows better for right now, it has purpose. Regarding the High Sparrow, Marg, Loris, etc.... it just farther depicts how deceitful Cersei is and how she wants power... is jealous of anyone who may gain favor over her with her son or others... and that she will stop at nothing. She is one of the best protagonists in this series who we all love to hate. All of us, I am sure, were all thinking that Tommen needed to grow some balls and get his wife and be a real king. Joffrey was a sick teenager....but he would have had him beheaded immediately. Tommen is gentler.. has potential to be a leader of the people.. but the problem is he is a boy who has been sheltered and has no balls. Just read the last page... people.. he was not raped. Please stop trying to compare this age, this time, this land to modern day times and laws. A boy becomes a man sexually just about anytime when married and his wife could be way older...Tommen was not saying no.. he is infatuated. Before crying rape, please remember difference in time periods, people's rights, laws, and again, that this is amazing fiction. Littlefinger...I think his end game is to be Warden with Sansa and have her for himself. However, he knows that Cersei wants her dead.... how to finnagle this so that Sansa will be his and he has leadership as well? Arya... I love her path to becoming a faceless man...but in the show it is dragging a bit. All in all.. the writers are paying great gomage to GRRM and his characters.
  8. Lady Godiva


    Greetings, sexy and well read people. :) I guess I came here a while back but been mainly on the book area of the books, I didn't realize until recently that this had a general chatter area. Hello!
  9. Lady Godiva

    Want to have an avatar/user pic? Read this thread.

    I should have read this first..I did option #1 and now anytime I want to add a new avatar it keeps putting this one on it. I removed the photo...I uploaded my pic on photobucket...input the direct link...and hit done. I saved changes, and now the avatar is empty...no link. Help? Pretty pls? :) Edit: It worked after a few tries....Nice to meet you all btw. :P