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  1. Ranzadule


    Hello. I am a father of five who has spent the last 30 years playing more wargames and roleplaying games and reading too little. Now i am reversing that and rereading the SoIaF in anticipation of the new book. My wife has read them and my 16 year old is on Feast. I have belonged to many gaming forums, but never a book forum. This is different and it is nice to argue when there is no clear answer. Kind of like philosophy or politics. I still play Warmachine and if any of you are in Seattle and want to have a drink, I will be there for Privateer Press' big event next month.
  2. Ranzadule

    References and Homages

    Someone mentioned House Jordayne. According to the Song of Ice and Fire Campaign Guide, the House's symbol is a quill, their motto is "Let it be written" and their castle is The Tor. :)
  3. Ranzadule

    References and Homages

    Kind of a reach, but in Elric, there is a place ruled by Sealords called the isle of Purple Townes. Bravos is ruled by a sealord and the ships are all purple. :)