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  1. I thought Qyburn was perhaps going to suggest she kill herself...
  2. Sorry but I'm Anglo/Spanish and I grew up in Spain and the accents of Siddig and Varma sucked, because they sounded forced and not at all like the real thing... I like them as actors but why not have them speak naturally?
  3. Just too many deviations to be comfortable. Where I they going with this? Do even they know? Do I want to go there with them? Ellaria is now a revenge set harpy. Plus what's with the cheap Spanishy accents?? Kevan rocked, Qyburn was good as was Samwell but the election lost its book subtlety. The scenery was nice. Danny and Drogon... I thought I was watching Disney.
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    Board Issues 4

    It's bloody annoying!
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    Board Issues 4

    Chrome keeps warning me about getting diverted to this phishing website: www.flash.com.fouis.com.
  6. Haven't seen the ep yet, but Sansa did not do what her father commanded her to do, ie shut up and get ready to leave KL, rather she went and squealed to Cersei... Leading to his death. So is she being ironic???
  7. I think Ian Glenn has been ill, certainly he's looking much older to me this season than the last... Excellent actor though, great for the character.
  8. I thought it was incredibly well balanced with a few stand out moments Tywin/Oberyn, QoT, "I can't kill a hundred wildings...", Stannis getting desperate. 8
  9. Hello guys, I think the picture that comes up with the entry on Sarella/Arellas, he/she is described in the intro of AFfC as being "black as teak" the girl in the picture looks pretty Caucasian to me. Just saying.
  10. First Chapter (the Oldtown one) in FfC? Cider with Rosey...
  11. Robert fathers Edric Storm upon Delena Florent a lady of the bedchamber (bridesmaid?) During Stannis' wedding to Seleyse. Reference to The Godfather where the character Vincent Mancini-Corleone is elder brother Sonny's illegitimate child fathered on a bridesmaid during Connie Corleone's marriage (the one at the beginning of the first movie in the series)?
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