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  1. Waves at Tyrion! Thanks for the welcome :D
  2. Back again. Resurrection from the dead #438. Greetings to y'all from Wyoming. It is windy here.
  3. Welcome! I am so old you probably have no idea who I am. But that is fine. Glad to have you delurked!
  4. HULLLOOOOO!!!!! I am alive. And Timmet and I are well although coughing like crazy from allergies and the constant fire haze we have endured all summer.
  5. Xray, Balefont & Aoife!!! Oh how lovely to see you!! How are you all?
  6. Nice to see all these new people coming on! I am not new. I am old. Very old. Totally petrified wood old. Older than the weirwoods. But I've been away since about Feast for Crows so I thought I would come back and say hi.
  7. Hey Coco!!!! How are you? Not checking in these days but am still alive.

    love, Lil

  8. Hullo all! Still alive and hanging out in Wyoming. Will check in when the DwD comes out.


  10. Testaroo ooh, sunset is bigger :D
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