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    How would you rate episode 305?

    True, I just meant that Maisie did a great job of bringing that moment out. Also, I don't know if it's been mentioned above, but I really loved the musical tieback between Robb cutting off Karstark's head and Theon cutting off Rodricks.
  2. Aegnor

    How would you rate episode 305?

    I disagree completely. That line about bringing someone back who'd had their head cut off was even more heartbreaking than in the books. As was the line about Gendry being her family.
  3. I agree that the initial talk should be wooden (when she's talking about how great Joffrey is). And the talk about her father was good. It was after that where I felt it fell short. At that point she should have realized that since they know Joffrey is a monster that they'll cancel the wedding and now she'll have to marry him. Time to freak out.
  4. I'm a bit disappointed in Sophie Turner. I don't know whether it was her, or the direction she was given, or what. Dianna Rigg and Natalie Dormer I thought both did incredible jobs in that scene, but Sophie seemed wooden and seemed like she was reciting lines. I'm mainly talking about the line where she is begging them not to cancel the wedding. That should be absolute terror and panic.
  5. I'm not a purist, but Cat freeing Jamie before she finds out about Bran and Rickon bugs the hell out of me. Honestly I'm just trying to pretend it didn't happen.
  6. There are just two major issues I have with the episode. 1) Catelyn should NOT release Jamie before she finds out about Bran and Rickon. The action of betraying Robb (which is what it is) only makes sense under the prism of her finding out about Bran and Rickon's death. 2) Jon getting captured by the wildlings at this point in the story. I'm hitting the panic button on this yet. The episode summary for a later episode indicates this storyline will get back on track somehow. On #1, I'm hoping that maybe she doesn't release him yet, but hides him, tied up in her tent or something? I don't know. I'm just grasping at straws.
  7. Now, after having seen the episode, I definitely think it would have been better to have the scene with Renly getting stabbed by the shadow monster as the end of the last episode. Melisandre scene happens, it cuts immediately over to the scene with Cat, Renly, and Brienne. Shadow baby appears, stabs Renly, he falls over dead, cut to credits. Then start this episode with the aftermath. I am a bit uncomfortable with a couple changes. Bran giving the order to send 200 men to Torrhen's Square. That kind of makes what follows his mistake. Along the same lines, Davos being given the command of the attack on the Blackwater Bay. This, again, makes what follows his mistake. They fall into the trap and are destroyed, and so it is Davos that falls into the trap and gets Stannis' army destroyed.
  8. In the books the wildfire was Cercei's idea. It was just poorly thought out, poorly planned, and likely would have resulted in Kings Landing being burned down. Tyrion organized it and started people training with empty pots. It was mentioned in episode 2, when Robb was sending Catelyn off to treat with Renly, that he was sending Cassell to Winterfell. That was two full episodes of traveling, which I think is reasonable.
  9. So I knew they were going to combine the two shadow babies into one, and I figured they definitely wouldn't do away with the scene of Davos smuggling Melisandre, but I figured that meant we'd see Storms End, as that was the only thing left that would make sense. Renly would be at Storms End, and the shadow baby to kill Renly would be born there. But they took a different tact, which I'm not sure makes any sense if you actually think about it. Also, I was totally expecting it to go straight from that scene to Brienne putting Renly's armor on, and then ending the episode with Renly's death. I'm surprised that didn't happen.
  10. I'm worried about something, which I'm not sure if it has been mentioned earlier in the thread. So in this episode we've seen that Shae is now Sansa's maid, hence removing the need for Alayaya or similar character (I thought Ros was going to fill that role until this episode squashed that). Now we have seen, in previews, Tyrion giving his line about how he would "hurt her for this" and how her "joy would turn to ashes". Awesome line from the book. However now there is no place to use that, unless...Cercei finds out about Shae for real and does something to her (kills her or something). That would obviously significantly change events from book 3. No longer would Shae brutally betray Tyrion and then hook up with his father, nor would Tyrion kill her. I honestly think this is where it is headed, and I don't like it. His betrayal and his murder of Shae has a massive affect on his character. I hope I'm wrong, but I'm guessing we'll see in a few weeks.
  11. If Shae were a more significant character in the books I'd be fairly upset. As it is, I'm just annoyed. And I say this not because I am a purist who can't stand any change from the book, it is because the story line doesn't make sense within the TV show. As Tadco26 said, why would Tyrion fall for her? She seems mean, abrasive, and annoying. I don't think I've seen any affection between them really. An off-topic comment...Why are new topics on the upcoming episode not allowed? I tried creating one a couple days ago, but it appears not to have been approved yet/ever. Has there been some discussion about the plan on this that I haven't heard? I want to speculate about the upcoming episode, but there doesn't appear to be a place to do that.
  12. Not sure if it's been mentioned, but I don't think we've seen Shaga at all this season. I'm thinking the actor is no longer with the show. The only names hill tribe person we've seen in season 2 is Timmit son of Timmit.
  13. Not sure if it's mentioned in this thread or not, but did anyone notice that Melisandre tells Davos' son Matthos "A death by fire is the purest death". That totally forshadow's his death in the Battle of the Blackwater.
  14. I think this was totally due to cost. I've noticed a lot of places where having horses would have been more appropriate, but they didn't have them. It was mentioned in the commentary to episode 8 on the Blu-ray that they were originally going to have Tyrion and the hill tribes arrive at camp Lannister on horseback, but that they must have used up their horse budget. I am sure that not only having horses, but having them jousting would have been quite expensive, and not worth the cost. I think they did this because they wanted more scenes establishing him as a fighter. I agree with this. I think he should have been more obviously drunk and comical. They can't really just introduce an unknown character like that in the series. It totally makes sense that they would merge the two roles and I think it was the right choice.