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  1. R+L=J is a fool theory.

    When proved wrong Jon Blackfyre owes me a youtube video of him drinking warm beer from a boot.

  2. lol. I genuinely laughed out loud when I read that. Personally I quite liked the scene and thought it was a good way to demonstrate Littlefinger's true character. But yeah, I get your point of recommending the series to friends or family and then they get greeted with a 5 minute lesbian sex scene. I watched it at home with my wife so no problemo. It mortifies me though to think what would have happened if I were visiting my parents at the time. I would have said, "Hey there's a great series I'm into on t.v.... mind if we watch it?" My parents would say sure and ask if it's good etc.... I'd be like "yeah it's awesome. It's based on the best book series I've ever read and the show is my fave series on t.v at the moment." My parents would enthusiastically agree and change the channel to HBO. Uh oh.... two naked woman having loud sex for five minutes.... I would be beyond embarrassed. Even writing that theoretical scenario makes me cringe in embarrassment. Thank heaven I wasn't visiting my parents that night lol
  3. Interesting. I thought E07 was the best yet. E04 was my "least favourite" hence I only gave it an 8. All other episodes got a mixture of 9's and 10's.
  4. I'm not a pro wrestling fan to be honest, but I'm pretty sure it's never featured a guy talking in dothraki describing how he is going to cross the narrow sea with 40,000 men and horses to conquer the lands.
  5. Drogo's speech was like WWE wrestling.... *facepalm* like WTF? How a WWE comparison came up I'll never know. You must be real smart Carldog to think Game of Thrones is like pro wrestling. I guess everyone else is too "emotional" and couldn't connect the dots.... thanks for pointing that one out champ.
  6. 10/10 Best episode to date for me. Night's watch vows and Drogo's speech were particular highlights.
  7. Popgun

    How Would You Rate Episode 106?

    9/10 I liked last weeks episode slightly better but this week was almost as good. I loved the part where Ned denounced Sir Gregor and ordered Tywin Lannister to King's Landing. Plus the crowning at the end was great. Was surprisedthey didn't include Loras offering Ned to hunt down Gregor for him. Whould've tied in well with the "bj scene" of last week where Loras was plotting away with Renly.
  8. Most of my thoughts on it have been pretty well covered by everyone already so I won't restate them here. I have found it surprising though tha most of the reaction was over the gay scene, rather than on the scene of Sweet Robin being suckled by his mother. I was trying to spot the special effects in that scene but couldn't. It really looks like a 6-7 year old kid is sucking on a middle aged woman's tit.