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    How Would You Rate Episode 110

    9/10. Very satisfying conclusion to Season 1, especially the wrap-up of the Wall arc and the scene with Dany and her dragons. The CGI for the dragons was excellent for a TV movie. I actually felt like cheering for Jon and had tears in my eyes when the dragons hatched--and considering that Jon and Dany are two of my least favorite characters in the books, that was something. As other posters have said, the latest gratuitous scene with Roz felt out of place and laughable; I hope she doesn't show up in Season 2. And I agree that the King in the North scene was passed over too quickly. I think I would have preferred Catelyn to have no discussions with Jaime until Season 2. Liked the looks of Rorge, Biter, Jaqen H'gar, and Hot Pie; I'm excited for Arya's story arc next season. I also admire Sophie Turner's portrayal of Sansa and can't wait to see her next season as well. Overall, I'd give the series an 8.