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  1. Oh, we know that - it's the fact that he doesn't give a flying fuck about poor people - and nor do his base, including the poor people who still vote conservative because the Mail made them scared of the alternative.
  2. https://www.vanityfair.com/news/2022/05/donald-trump-mexico-missiles-mark-esper
  3. We're pretty much done now, just 2 councils left to declare (Croydon & Tower Hamlets). Lab +139 (4.8%) - have done... reasonably well (remember, we're comparing with before their vote fell away in 2019). Con -490 (26.4%) - have done disastrously, though they'll try to spin it differently, the initial 1 in 5 was bad, but 1 in 4 is a disaster. LDs +222 (34.4%) - have done really well, and finally seem to be putting the coalition behind them. Grn +76 (105.6%) - the big success story of the day. SNP +22 (5.1%) - they'll be happy enough with that - they've got about a third of all seats in Scotland, so there's not really much room to grow. PC -6 (2.9) - have obviously lost ground to labour's resurgence in Wales. Oh, and a reminder of the Daily Heil's interpretation from before voting. Con losing 350+ is "A Disaster" Lab winning 50-100 is "Gaining Ground"
  4. 102 / 200 councils in Lab +51 (3.6%) Con -192 (20.5%) LDs +84 (30.8%) Grn +36 (120.0%) SNP +8 (5.2%) It is, yes. That information would require a reasonably deep dive to obtain unless/until a journalist puts it together for you. Here's the raw figures, if you can be bothered though: https://www.theguardian.com/politics/ng-interactive/2022/may/05/elections-2022-results-live-local-council-england-scotland-wales
  5. Update after 85 councils declared Lab +36 (+2.9%) Con -139 (-19.3%) LDs +66 (+30.0%) Grn +24 (+109.1%)
  6. Yup. It's local elections, it's only a poll on the ruling party, as the others aren't (quite rightly) campaigning on a manifesto of their own. The important thing, is that the public is expressing disapproval of the Conservatives, but I'd need a better breakdown than currently available to say if that's dissatisfied tories staying at home, or changing their vote. There's been no real national campaigning, there's no manifestos or promises to the future, and voting in locals is a famously poor guide to voting intentions in nationals. We don't really know what the peak number of council seats would be for any party, to know how close labour were to that before these elections (it would take quite a lot of leg work to find out, so we'd really need a journalist to be interested in finding out) - but they're defending more than twice as many seats as the conservatives are, so have far more to lose (hence I included percentage changes above). We're also about half way through the England count, whilst the other half, the Scots, Welsh and Irish have only just started counting. The only thing we can really say so far is that it's been a bad day for the Conservatives, and may yet become disastrous, or improve to being a poor day. Lib Dem and Green seem to be viable votes again - at least for local elections. This may translate to GE seats, or it may translate to a split non-tory GE vote, or it may just be that tory voters are protesting by staying home when it doesn't really matter, but will mobilise when the house of commons is up for grabs.
  7. As you'd expect in places that handled it well. Measures that work against respiratory / airborn infections, work against all respiratory / airborn infections. Social distancing and lockdowns, works against all communicable diseases. Lockdowns work against many traumatic deaths as well (eg, much less likely to be involved in a car crash if there's no cars on the road; or to fall off a mountain if you're not on the mountain in the first place). Obviously, higher risk of some other traumatic deaths, like domestic abuse. It's always been part of the process of assessing the impact of Covid, and Excess Deaths remains the best measure of Covid mortality. It takes into account all of those factors, both death by Covid, death secondary to Covid, but also life's saved secondary to Covid, and I guess, lives saved by Covid (eg Covid => earlier diagnosis of lung cancer). It's also the most readily comparable country to country, as it doesn't rely on cause of death, political rationale for mentioning / not mentioning Covid on death certificates, arbitrary time frames post-diagnosis etc etc.
  8. Quick update on the locals, 75 councils declared (so we're over half-way in England) Labour +34 seats (2.9% increase) Conservative -122 seats (18.4% drop) Lib Dem +59 seats (29.5% increase) Green +23 seats (143.8% increase)
  9. They'd have been 10 shy, even adding the SNP & PC wouldn't have been enough to form a majority.
  10. Excess Deaths, globally: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/61333847 Globally 96 per 100,000 population UK 109 per 100,000 USA 140 per 100,000
  11. As it's far from all local councils having elections, it's always worth remembering that Labour are defending more than twice as many seats as the Tories (about 3500 to 1500). How many people in the US would you really expect to give a shit about local and council elections in the UK? If you want to find it on the guardian, just go to guardian.com/uk
  12. Well, I don't intend to vote today. That might have something to do with not having an election to vote it
  13. Bloody cats! About 5 years ago, aged 12, they decided that the pet-shop own brand cat food just wasn't good enough for them, and the twins went on hunger strike; after a little hunting around, we switched to CSJ, so up a level in quality, and close to double the price. So 5 years later, and about a week after a delivery of 2 15kg bags, and they've decided that's not good enough either. Now having to experiment again, and I feel that aged 17, we should shift to "Senior" formula - where tripling the cost seems to reduce the quality (based on the ingredients list) - but... if they'll actually eat the damned stuff... Dogs are perfectly happy sticking with CSJ (mind, they were happy with the pet-shop's own brand, but that was about the same price as CSJ, for reduced quality)
  14. Every time he talks about buses, any googling including the terms Boris and Bus show fewer images of him making proven lies, and suggesting that we fund the NHS properly. Same reason he lied about painting buses as a hobby
  15. How do you mean? I'm not seeing a score at all, let alone a scale for that score. Whilst one being 4th and the other being 5th sounds like a ranking, rather than points on a scale. ETA: Ahh, do you mean purely the "Factual Reporting" section? Which is an over-simplification, as admitted by Media Bias Fact Check. Here's what they say there to reach those conclusions So one sometimes uses sources that have failed fact-checking (which is a bad thing). One doesn't really care what the facts are, so long as it's sensational and confirms their political bias.
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