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  1. You missed an obvious 3)c) Truss's puppet masters' ideology is purely the enrichment of themselves / their friends / donors
  2. Is it too early to talk about the upcoming election, and subsequent coup, in Brazil? Or do we need to wait until they've actually happened?
  3. Fraid so. It's the death throws of a desperate party, who've been hijacked by a small minority on the far right wing, and who know that whatever they do, they're going to be kicked out in 2 years time; so are stealing all the silverware whilst they can.
  4. FTR, this doesn't have any popular support - even amongst conservatives (MPs or voters, or, as far as anyone can tell, party members). ETA: Dammit, ninja.d
  5. If true, and successful, then yes; whilst adding Yampil, Zarichne and Torske. ETA: Nope, sorry, there's still a small-looking road out North from Zarichne to the East of the Zherebets River. I can only see that road being used for the purposes of running away though - way too much risk to add further supplies when that's you're only route in or out
  6. Looks like Ukraine have pushed out from their beachhead North of the SD at Siversk Looks like Dibrova and Torske are under attack - some reports have them taken, some contested, some as "just" under attack. That's the route East from Zarichne under severe threat. If all true, and successful, that's a huge land grab over the last 2-3 days
  7. A friend of mine (presumably not his originally) has "asked" Channel 4 to start a new political analysis show with Ed Miliband called "Chaos, with Ed Milliband"
  8. Certainly looks that way, with Ridkodub and Nove falling whilst Novomykhalivka and Zelena Dolyna are being contested. For the time being, it looks like the road East to Zarichne (or the smaller track to Yampil, which can then only lead to Zarichne) is the only route in or out for supplies / retreat. I'm seeing unconfirmed reports that Drobysheve has been completely enveloped, with troops moving on to start hitting Stavky. If they get that, then moving along that route to Zarichne looks... an unpleasant prospect. Equally, if they can take and secure Stavky, then all of Lyman, Drobysheve, Derylove, Shandryholove, Serednje and Zelena Dolyna are all surrounded as well; with the only route out being that crap shoot from Lyman to Zarichne.
  9. Sorry, but... What has relitigating 9/11 and it's fall-out got to do with Ukraine? Isn't there another thread where this would be relevant? "Not to derail" was back on page 2, do we really need to keep the derail up for 8 pages and counting? Despite another thread explicitly set up to deal with the derail? Or does "derail" mean something new these days, and I'm just behind the ttimes I'm not the thread police, but it seems 75% of this thread is off topic, and as someone interested in the actual topic, it's frustrating as hell. Would it be better if, instead of a thread for the derail, we started a new threa for the war in Ukraine, and allowed the derail to continue uninterrupted by pesky On-Topic discussion?
  10. Well fuck https://twitter.com/VictoriaS_ii/status/1574321066180313090
  11. I'm aware - what I got wrong is the timing of it. As for favouring the defender vs the attacker - positives and negatives to all things. In this case, for example, the defending is also the occupier, without a friendly citizenry; with long, poor supply lines, and limited supplies to travel along those supply lines; whilst the attacker has the friendly citizenry, shorter, more varied supply lines, more and higher quality supplies; and a much greater ability to hit the defender's supply lines with surgical strikes - be they HIMARS, special forces, or drones. It may not be enough to overturn the defender's intrinsic advantage - but that advantage is mostly about logistics at this point (harsh winter is a different matter, where it's about sitting in shelter vs walking across a field). Logistically, Ukraine has Russia completely outmatched (whilst Western support holds). ETA: Of course, there's also the difference between whether you're trying to take ground, or to disrupt the enemy's logistics. As ever though, the above comes with the proviso that I have no military or logistical training - but I read those who do.
  12. This is a bit earlier than I was expecting - I guess I was basing things on seasons in the UK (October equinox-ish through November), rather than actually looking up when the heavy rains fall in Ukraine - my bad. It's going to slow things, and make transport hubs ever more important - which has to favour Ukraine with HIMARS and apparently, far superior special forces operations.
  13. It's been 5 pages since "not to derail, but..." During which there's been approximately 5 posts actually relevant to the title of this thread, and a new thread set up for the derail. Could we please move the derailing conversation to that thread? I don't know about anyone else, but personally, I come in to the war-in-Ukraine threads to read about the war in UUkrain, not about America, China, Iraq, Taiwan, the British Empire or Spanish colonisation of South America...
  14. There is now: https://asoiaf.westeros.org/index.php?/topic/161107-the-morality-of-war-mans-inhumanity-to-man/ So, if we can please move past the bickering - does anyone know what's been going on in Ukraine this weekend? From what little I can tell (I'm no werthead), it looks like Ukraine have started expanding their beachheads at Dvorichna, Kupyansk and Oskill, and have either cut Lyman off from the North. Or very nearly got there. A couple of good days for Ukrainian anti-aircraft defences too. Looks like Russia finally captured a street in Bahkmut, and a couple of empty fields just South of Spirne (which may yet turn into much more if rumours that Wagner are making that offensive).
  15. For those who'd rather talk about such things, than current, ongoing conflicts.
  16. FWIW, for the sake of 3 seconds and 2 left clicks, you can see the article: https://archive.ph/0AezJ
  17. Old pic I'm afraid, seems to be from 2019, and a Victory Day Parade, so parading the weapons of the time.
  18. It's a complete mystery to me, how a train carrying dozens of tanks can mysteriously explode minutes after arriving at a train station 5km from the border with Ukrainian held territory. I can only think it's... spontaneous combustion - surely even T-62s aren't that susceptible to stray cigarettes. Wait, T-62... aren't they from approximately 1962? Is that... Is that the best they've got for the newly conscripted troops?
  19. It's not "trickle down" economics - because there's not even a pretence that anything is going to trickle downwards - it's outright class warfare
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