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  1. Enjoyed it but it was sort do anticlimactic because the Wall is Jon, Sam, and glorified extras. I think had they gone all the way and had Mance as well as Stannis, Davos, and melisandre, it would have had the feeling of multiple threads coming together and been remembered better.
  2. Enjoyed the episode but they haven't built the Wall storyline well enough for this episode to really mean something. I think the episode ended too early as well. Had it ended with Stannis it would have felt like a proper end to an epic battle.
  3. metr0man

    [Book Spoilers] EP404 Discussion

    Awesome episode. The whole Crasters thing was a WTF moment. The ending scene, divine.
  4. I think Brienne will end up killing Jaime Lannister during trial by combat. Really at this point there isn't much else for his character to do.