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    [Spoilers] Episode 806 Discussion

    There's really a ton of loose ends and new plot threads that could be taken up if anyone is interested in a sequel series, or a big budget movie (hint, hint). - Arya's voyage into the unknown West. Have her visit mysterious islands (ala Sinbad or Prince Caspian), a Western continent (maybe an Aztec/Mayan theme in keeping with GRRM's partial mirroring of the real medieval world) or all the way round the world to Asshai-by-the-Shadow. There are mermaids and kraken, and perhaps the Faceless Men still pursue her. - Jon and/or Tormund at the Wall and in the Lands Beyond. Must be a power vacuum among the free folk with so many dead or moved south. Will there be another King Beyond the Wall or just chieftains of the various clans of wildlings, Thenn, Hornfoots, cannibal ice-river tribes, Walrus-men f the Frozen Shore etc. There's also giants, dire wolves, skin changers, the Children of the Forest, cave dwellers who worship dark underground gods, etc. - Lots of intrigue in Westeros proper. Bran, Tyrion, Bronn, Gendry and Yara's efforts to consolidate rule (and with what armies). Dorne or other kingdoms may seek independence. The mountain clans of the Vale as well. And who rules the Frey lands and the Westerlands, will Edmure Tully and whatever Lannister is in power (Genna?) compete for power? If Brienne is pregnant with Jamie's son he might have a claim if Tyrion is too busy as Hand. There could also be religious conflict between the Faith Militant, supporters of the old gods and R'hllor. - Nymeria is still alive, ravaging the Riverlands apparently, perhaps Arya could try to find her if she returns from voyaging. Drogon is still out there too. Is he (?) capable of bearing more dragons, or are there more eggs around that could be hatched? Jon, Bran, Tyrion or some unknown with Targaryen blood could try to find him. And maybe Rhaegal's not dead after all, dragons are pretty tough, even a bolt through the head might not do it.
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    Now that is Over - Let's rank best and worst!

    Best 1. Acting. Sean Bean, Michelle Fairley, Charles Dance, Nicolas Coster Waldau, a host of others 2. Scenery. Fantastic settings and locations in Iceland, Ireland, Spain, Croatia etc. 3. FX. Dire wolves, dragons, white walkers, spectacular battles, wildfire 4. Arya’s arc. Difficult plot of young girl on her own leaving her country to become mystic assassin. They pulled it off. 5. The rich tapestry of GRRM’s books to support the whole thing. Complex plots, deep characters, fantastically detailed setting. Worst 1. Inserted characters. Ros, Miranda, Talisa etc. Lyanna Mormont as the quintessential North was the only one that kinda worked, Although she was too young to be realistic. 2. Non-GRRM plots. Euron, Grey Worm-Missandei, the Dorne sideplot, faith fanatics who carve stars on their foreheads. Almost none of them worked. 3. Jamie’s arc. Abruptly goes back to Cersei after 8 seasons of redemption arc, right after she tried to assassinate him. 4. Useless sex scenes. Rarely advance plot, often detract from it eg important dialogue 5. Rape and sexual violence. It makes you stronger? Who writes this stuff?
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    SPOILERS: Rant and Rave

    Give GRRM some time to finish the books, there's still plenty of opportunity for Arya to bake her enemies into a pie, The Freys are going to pay for their transgressions. I think GRRM would love the idea. After all he came up with the Rat Cook, and Arya knows that story well. Don't think either book or show Arya is meant to be a psycho, just a stone cold killer. Of course some people would say that's the same thing...
  4. gullyfoyle

    Order of deaths to come.

    At the very least, those 2 need to rock and roll before dying.
  5. gullyfoyle

    [Book Spoilers] EP108 Discussion Part 2

    Well, this was my favorite episode so far, edging out #6. Great scenes: Syrio's fight with the guards, the wight (love the Game, but I want more supernatural), Tyrion meets Tywin (with Bronn son of you wouldn't know him), Robb calling the banners and Barristan the Bold. Would have liked to have had an introduction of more Northern lords, but I suppose it's understandable if they don't want to confuse viewers with too many characters, or cast ones like Roose Bolton who get more screenplay later. But we did get the Greatjohn and were the Manderlys with Catelyn when she rejoined Robb? HAve to rewatch the show tonight, and keep an eye out for Maege Mormont as well. Thanks heaven for no more sexposition scenes. Actually the one scene where they could have shown more (the Dothraki pillaging) was fairly tame. I'm not as big a fan as some are of Jason Momoa as Khal Drogo, but that's mostly becuase I don't think the attempts to make him look exotic (the beard and eye darkening, mostly) work all that well. I do think he will make a great Conan.