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  1. Actually, making them look evil even as they were saving a little baby made me think they're going to be a lot more grey. GRRM and D&D have both talked about how much the "ugly/scary-looking = evil" thing in most fantasy annoys them, and what better way to subvert that than to film a scene where the White Walkers are doing something that looks menacing and hideous, but may actually be good when you think about it?Of course they're clearly not the heroes of the story. For one thing, there aren't any heroes. For another, they weren't just saving the baby; they were saving the baby by turning it into one of them. Whether the parallel is Turkish Janissaries or 20th-century vampires, this is clearly a gift that's self-serving to the giver and not without drawbacks to the recipient.

    Ok. Sure they might be gray or whatever but they didn't "save a baby". It was not left out in the cold to die. It was some sort of payment or sacrifice to them.

  2. I think that ship has sailed.

    ...although I do think the writers will "course-correct" around the end of the season with Tyrion's character. There were complaints about Arya and Tywin being whitewashed in Season 2, and the writers have course-corrected since. I'm not too, too concerned at this point, although I'll be the first to raise hell if Tyrion doesn't kill Tywin and Shae as he did in the books.

    Calling it "course-correct" is probably a nice way of putting it. The show is just primarily interested in shock value, rather than in love with it's nuanced characters.

    It's why it's necessary to open yet another Oberyn dialog today with an edgy sex scene. It's why Jamie appears to be working towards deceny one episode and is raping someone the next. It's why the Wildlings are suddenly murderous Star Trek villains. It's why the Red Wedding was made to be more unexpected and more heartbreaking.

    When they have Tyrion murder Shae, it won't be some attempt to "fix" his character the way it should be. The show could not give two shits about correcting Tyrion's character. It's all just about setting up the next shocking blindside that will get people talking about the show. Even better if Tyrion appears like a great human being before being thrown into a murderous rage. More shocking that way!

  3. Exactly the gem is missing from the far right side right where Olenna touched it.

    My wife hasn't read the books either, and said it was Olenna right away (or "the old lady"), but she didn't see the slight of hand.

    Other non-readers I talked to all said it was obvious it wasn't Tyrion. These are people that can't even remember the characters' names. I think they tried to make it rather obvious that Tyrion is a patsy.

    I don't think most non-readers will pick up on HOW it was done, but I think they have an idea as to who.

    I'm sorry. But I have to ask.

    Why couldn't Olenna simply just carry the poison herself?

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