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  1. Well, that was a load of crap. Thank the seven this trainwreck of a series is over. Back to hoping for the books. How nice of Grey Wind to simply accept what the people siding with the man who killed his queen vote for. And how nice of Dany's armies to lock Jon up in a cell instead of killing him on the spot after he murders their queen and leader. Also, good luck with king Bran the broken, who has zero experience in ruling anything, zero knowledge in politics, zero understanding for empathy or human relations and doesn't even categorize himself as a human being anymore Westeros is screwed.
  2. I don't think it's in character in terms of honor if you view it as something she just happens to tell her because she trusts him. I do think it's in character with "new, smart Sansa" if she intentionally tells him with the purpose to play the game.
  3. Yeah... I know it's most likely not to be, but I wouldn't mind Cersei winning. No matter how this ends I'm very certain it won't be Dany on the throne though.
  4. Every now and then they sent somebody to be trained with the Faceless men. That person would then come back, assassinate the NK, and the cycle would continue.
  5. No. I don't really see Tyrion dying at all in the series. I think he'll survive. And I think there's no way Bronn will kill him or Jaime. Bronn has no reason at all to trust Cersei.
  6. See, from GRRM I would expect additional plot twists. From D&D, not really. I think that next episode we'll have some post-battle cleanup and some infighting, following that we'll have one episode for the trip to KL with more infighting and preparation along with maybe some initial fighting, and then the final episode will be the fullblown battle and conclusion in KL.
  7. I think everything has already been mentioned, but can we please retire the phrases "stick them with the pointy end" and "not today" already? They're so freaking worn out by now. Also the whole "die with a maidens mouth around my c at the age of 80" thing.
  8. The plot armor is thick and the NK was a wuss.
  9. Trinket2

    Who is Going to Die

    I don't subscribe to this theory but I think it is an interesting one. I've seen very few people suggest that Nissa Nissa may be a man although I do not think it should be ruled out. The translations from the past are not always accurate.
  10. Trinket2

    Who is Going to Die

    Well... I imagine Davos will die saving the little girl in the way he couldn't save Shireen. His arc is done, he doesn't have much more to do. They'll give him a hero's death. Jorah is dead. He tied things up and made his peace in the last episode. There's not much more for him to do. Grey Worm or Missandei or both. Grey Worm essentially got a "please kill me sign" on him with his planning for the future and that goodbye kiss. Its pretty much "I'm 2 days from retirement" or "when I get home from the war me an my girl are gonna get a house with a white picket fence and have babies". Theon will heroically die to save Bran in a redemption arc, to the great sadness of Sansa which is why the producers had them sharing romantic glances last episode. Varys. Arc is done. Nothing left to do. Pod. Nothing left to do. Gendry OR Arya. They're both pretty done. They've had their goodbye sex. One of them will die to the great sadness of the other, and it will likely be Gendry biting the dust. Beric and Edd are goners for sure, nothing left for them at all. Not so sure: Tormund may or may not die. He has very little left to do and doesn't really belong in the south, but they may keep him around for comic relief but only if Brienne lives. Otherwise he's dead. Brienne..may or may not die. She may have a role in the future Kings/queensguard. Otherwise her arc is done. Jon OR Dany. There can be only one. Dany doesn't share her throne. Melisandre. Her dark magic stuff may potentially be used in the final final battle, but otherwise she's gone.
  11. Trinket2

    Survival Chances for ep3

    Ded: Davos (saving the little girl) Jorah Tormund Beric Grey Worm OR Missandei (basically got a sign with "please kill me" after last episode) Theon (with a sad goodbye scene with Sansa) Probably ded: Sam (with a sad goodbye scene with Gilly) Jon/Dany (I think ONE of them may die. Not sure which one though) Brienne (with a sad goodbye scene with Jaime) Varys Melisandre Gendry OR Arya (with a sad goodbye scene from the other) Pod Alive: Cersei Euron Sansa The hound (will finish Gregor arc first) Bran Jaime (will see Cersei again) Yara Gilly+little sam Tyrion Bronn
  12. I'm going to be constructive about this and just say that it was utter crap, hitting a new level of crappiness that this season has hinted at but never quite reached before. 1/10, Good going!
  13. -Fondling and kissing Talisa right in front of the man who's daughter you broke your marriage vow to. Bright, Robb. And classy, very classy. -The Blackfish could just as well have stayed in Riverrun considering he spent the entire RW pissing -Brave crow Jon Snow ran away. Bravely ran away away. When danger reared its ugly head he bravely turned his tail and fled. Without any thought of Ygritte, who just stood there looking sadly after him. It was better handled in the books where it was clear that they were picking sides and where Ygritte shot after him. -The jump in-cut throat-jump out at the RW looked ridiculous. And Roose running from Cat? Come on. -"The Lannisters give their regards" would have been much better with "Jaime Lannister sends his regards" -The "let's name him Eddard!"-scene. Corny. In fact, the entire RW was too much about Robb/Talisa as opposed to the books when it was about Cat/Robb. -The RW should have been built up more and longer, with more focus on dread than on action. They could have moved other parts of the episode, for example the Sam/Gilly scene. I do like the "oh, shit!"-moment when the Rains of Castamere starts playing, though. -Minor nitpick: Bolton should have been cooler and less angry when he stabbed Robb. -Cat should have had her breakdown. Catatonic looked silly. And before somebody gives me the "but that wouldn't have worked on screen" excuse that seems to be used to defend every flaw in this series around here, that's just not true. We've seen breakdowns done on tv before, and I'm certain that the actress playing Cat would be more than well equipped to do it. The good part: Talisa and her stupid story line is dead! Yay!
  14. Trinket2

    How would you rate episode 209?

    Really good one! Best episode in the series! Didn't feel as rushed as many of the previous ones. The wildfire explosion was really cool. And Tywin is just awesome. Loved the rains of Castamere in the credits!