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  1. This episode was pretty thin. The Queen of Thorn's scenes felt very, very forced, almost as if the writers are just looking for any opportunity to have Olenna spew some ascerbic commentay. And if the opportunity doesn't exist, create one! The Sand Snakes are done as characters. They really just seem like ill-tempered brats at this point. Lots of potentail, not much delivery. The Hall of Faces seemed so clownish, so cartoonish to me. I am sure this will receive much attention, so I shant go on too much now. Loras' arraignment was decent. I would have thought Cersei would have 'played' it a little more. Bronn got poisoned. Interested to see how this plays out. Tyrion, as always, stole the show. That is all for now.
  2. Did anyone else LOL hysterically when the Hound was chugging beer in the face of Polliver? Rory McCann for President of the World!
  3. Strange as it sounds, this episode will be awesome once its on DVD and you can watch it in geek-style: room full of smelly people, bags of cheetos, and nobody leaves for 12 hours. The worst part of this episode is that you had to wait a week to see it, and you gotta wait a week to see the next one. Once the series can be viewed with retrospect, this episode will feel much tighter. TRUST! Oh, and Brienne is still my girl. Don't even look at her!
  4. Unreal episode. The scene with Sandor in the cave was phenomenal. I might be the only one who thinks that Rory McCann (spelling?) is delivering the best performance of the anthology.
  5. Unsure of this episode. I need to watch it again. When I read the book, I envisioned more fire, shore to shore, even fire creeping up the wall. I was hoping for heat to come through my television... Stannis as the first one up the ladder? Not buying it. Tyrion attacking Stannis' troops started out reeking of awesomeness, but I hope you didn't blink your eyes. In two seconds they were out the gate and the turtle was flipped and on fire. Poor editing, poor engineering. The Hound was awesome. I'm curious if Sansa will go with him and doppelgang Arya's story? Davos shitting his pants once he realized what was going on was effen perfect. As usual, Varys is worth his weight in gold. That is all for now.
  6. this episode was decent. I'm still not sure why they left out the chain. Maybe they will surprise us with an "oh by the way" type moment next episode. Really digging My Girl Brienne. Remember people, mitts off! She's mine! I love her and she loves me. Glad to see the finally calmed down Shae. I never got into her whipsmart smart ass attitude with Tyrion. She might have been a cocky lass with everyone else, but not with him. I need her to be warm, and accepting until The Red Viper...I might have said too much. Anyway, I need my Shae to be wedding-cake sweet. Alfie Allen is completely nailing the role of Theon. Kudos brother! Tyrion + Bronn + Varys was hilarious! I've said it before and I'll say it again. Tyrion and Bronn fall backwards into being best friends, even though neither would ever admit it. I got a similar, yet dumbed down vibe from Varys and Tyrion. Just like in the book, they take their jolly sweet time with Dany doing much of anything. Did I mention Brienne is MY GIRL?
  7. loved the episode. They finally introduced the world to My Girl, Brienne of Tarth. She's mine, don't even look at her! I'm not liking Shae. She's not a bitchy, feisty type. Maybe with other people, but with Tyrion, she is warm, accepting, and dare I say submissive? Not the 2012 "You Go Girl" that they are making her. Oh, and Ros wasn't in this, but she has got to go. Epic win, Brienne, epic fail, Shae.
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