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    ASOIAF (obviously), SCA archery, miniature painting and wargaming, photography, singing in a rock band (www.ujband.com)
  1. Theon Greyjoy

    Rogue's Gallery Re-open For Business!

    Don't say I didn't warn you folks, but yes. --Theon.
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    Hey folks! Like Lilith, I am waaaaaay old from the boards (circa 2005), and the account was connected to my job where I was working at the time (in the gaming industry... tabletop miniature wargames, in fact). After many, many moons away, I am finally back, am reading ADWD feverishly, and have a new job (again,in the gaming industry, but on the distributor side now). I recognize a few names here and there, like Xray the Enforcer (who could forget that name!!!), but my memory fails me on most. And I know a couple of the members have heard me sing in public (you know who you are...). Please feel free to pop in with a "Hi!" if I might seem familiar. My sincere apologies if I cannot return the favor... :( In any case, it's wonderful to be back! :) --Theon.