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  1. I'm going to be nice right now - your wedding looked amazing - I'm sorry we couldn't make it. I'm really happy for you. (And high five on the bride - she's hot!)

  2. You still owes me a wedding present, cheap bastard!

  3. You are a dirty hippy.

  4. Agreed. Specially when we kick the k'knowledge on health care.

  5. Let's make a deal to always give each other positive rating, agree?

  6. This is a sympathy tweet for the desolate landscape that is your profile.

  7. I gave her a negative rating.

  8. Almost 3 years later and still no dinner. Why must you tease me so?

  9. Hey Lev, I see you have changed your name and got yourself a cushy new home with an elite Hollywood couple. Well done you! I haven't been around for awhile. Just saying hello.



  10. You have no friends, and you were only adopted to be used as help around the house.

  11. You are a tool and you still owe us dinner!!