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  1. zelticgar

    BIRDS (and how to look at them)

    You can see some google photos for examples. Grays are an interesting bird. They hang out at all the high peaks in the Northeast and nip food from hikers. They stash food in holes of trees for the winter season. One of my favorite things to watch is someone who has never seen the Gray Jays fed from hand. My daughter calls it her "Disney Princess" moment.
  2. zelticgar

    NK Jemisin - any good?

    Thinking about picking up the Inheritance Trilogy? Any good? Thoughts on her writing?
  3. zelticgar

    BIRDS (and how to look at them)

    Has anyone ever fed wild birds? We have Gray Jays in the mountains where I live. We bring bird feed and feed them by hand on the mountain peaks. I have some awesome photos of them landing on my hands.
  4. zelticgar

    Your Trekking/ Hiking experiences

    We stayed at Abol Campground for the weekend. We thought about a car spot to start at Roaring but opted to go up via Abol. It was steep but the footing was fine and we had a great time climbing up all the boulders. We got to Baxter peak pretty early and had great views of the basin up to about 4500 feet then we got blocked out on the table. I went about halfway on knife edge but decided to turn around. It was viewless and I wanted to get over to Hamlin so we came back and went over to Hamlin. It was mostly cloud covered with 35 to 40 mph winds across to Hamlin but the views opened up over the basin and Cathedral side on the way back. Coming back down Abol was all spectacular foliage view. Met a few through hikers and we were able to meet two friends who were finishing their trail. Absolutely amazing experience. Wish there was an easy way to post picture, I took a ton. No ticks up that far but I am pretty careful about them. I treat everything with premethrin and constantly check for ticks after hikes. I've been lucky so far.
  5. zelticgar

    Your Trekking/ Hiking experiences

    Bumping this in celebration of my trip to Baxter State Park this weekend. Home to Mount Katahdin in Maine. Otherwise known as the Northern Terminus of the Appalachian Trail. Really looking forward to hiking this area. For anyone in the Northeast region of the US, Katahdin is a must do trip. Weather looks good for the weekend, hoping to take in some spectacular early fall views.
  6. zelticgar

    Exercise and Fitness: sticking to resolutions

    You'll probably need to decide by November or December so you can get a good 12 or 16 week training program in place. I would say at a 22 minute 5k you should be okay with a 12 week program if needed. Had a good summer of running and triathlons. I did a couple of sprint Tri's and finished in the top 10 for my age group. I did a team triathlon where I swam and biked then passed off to my parter for a run and we ended up winning. Highlight of the season was winning the local Ironman 70.3 team relay. We did it with a three person team, I covered the running section and we ended up winning the team category by 4 or 5 minutes. Got a chance to run with the elite triathletes and was able to hang with them because they were on their third leg and I was fresh on my run Last weekend I participated in a Ragnar event. If you are runner I would highly recommend checking these races out. 200 mile relay with a 12 person team. Finished in about 32 hours with a mixed team of fast and slow runners. Really fun event, kind of like a rolling circus. Planning to focusing on hiking and road bike this fall and winter. Will get the indoor trainer set up again in the basement and Zwift for the rest of the winter on the bike. 8 more peaks to go to complete my New Hampshire 4000 footer list.
  7. zelticgar

    Stephen King's IT

    I think The Long Walk could be done well if they took a more futuristic view of it and created more of a backstory to The Major and some of the boys. Mixing genders and adding some females to the walkers would be a good idea as well. I'd also love to see Eyes of the Dragon made into a film. With the success of LoTR, Hobbit, and GoT I could see a market for the film. Maybe there is not enough there and i am being sentimental but I loved that story. It was my first King book.
  8. zelticgar

    Cycling 2018 - the vuelta, last chance saloon.

    I love the added drama of Landa knowing he is probably the strongest rider right now. Must be so tempting to want to add just a little more time into the GC race.
  9. zelticgar

    Cycling 2018 - the vuelta, last chance saloon.

    I'm hoping some of the flatter courses get interesting due to cross winds or breakaways. Stage 11 last year was awesome, love to see another replay of something like that.
  10. zelticgar

    Your Trekking/ Hiking experiences

    That's awesome. I'm assuming he had his money and figured he would get out before dying? I just checked out some pictures of Mount Kenya. Looks like a beautiful mountain and a pretty good climb.
  11. zelticgar

    Your Trekking/ Hiking experiences

    You have to see it. On a clear day you get an entire view of the Pemi Wilderness. Looks like a perfect bowl of wilderness. You can also see the Appalachian trail as it goes across Flume, Liberty, Lincoln, Lafayette and all their slides cutting through the back of the range. A sunrise hike timed so you get to the cliff just before daybreak or a trip during foliage season is a must.
  12. zelticgar

    Your Trekking/ Hiking experiences

    Go at it from the south, park at Lincoln Woods off the Kanc. The Bondcliff, Bond and West Bond out and back is around 19 miles. It is a long haul but the good news is that the first 6 miles is flat on the Lincoln Woods Trail. It follows an old railroad logging trail before you ascend. The ascent up to the Bonds is not bad at all. Just steady. The hardest part is the mental grind on the way back on the flat section. I'm a trail runner so I've done that hike with a hydration pack and light gear. Got to Bondcliff in under 2 hours and done with the whole trip in less than 6 hours. Plenty of stealth camping off those trails too if you want to set up off the trail and do an overnight. Bondcliff is one of the most amazing places on the planet. When you step out and look into the Pemigawasset Wilderness it is almost a religious experience (and i have no use for religion )
  13. zelticgar

    Your Trekking/ Hiking experiences

    If you could rent an RV from something like "cruiseamerica" that might be a good call. Then you have a ready made place to sleep and cook if you pull into a campground like a KOA. I've always wanted to do that but have not gotten around to it yet. I took a look at the Smoky Mountain site and it looks like they dont have any campgrounds for RV's or more commercial set ups so if you want to really camp out you would need tents, sleeping bags, sleep pads... You would need to look for a "car camping" set up where you park your car and then everything is set up pretty much right outside your vehicle. That way you can bring all your food and drinks with you. The KOA type campgrounds sound perfect if you are cool camping out a little outside the actual forest boundary. Some equipment ideas on the cheap: I just bought my oldest daughter a $25 bag from Ebay. It is rated for 10 degrees but that is marketing bullshit, I would use it down to 40 to 50 degrees. My daughter's is supposed to be here on Friday, cant wait to check it out before our overnight next month. Sleeping pad is a must have, you can use a cheap thermarest closed cell pad. Everyone uses them. $34 at REI. If you are driving I'd bring a blow up bed if you have one. Tents are tricky, I have an REI Half Dome but it probably is too expensive for a first time car camping trip. Backcountry.com is a good site. I just spotted a 4 person tent that is priced at $129. Typically tents can comfortably fit one less than their advertised capacity so a 2 person tent is good for 1, 3 person is good for 2, 4 for 3 and so on. Walmart is another place to look. I would never take one out in the wilderness but those 6 person coleman or ozark trail tents that Walmart carries are so much fun for a campground. We had one up in Maine but it finally fell apart on us. There are probably some things i missed but if you have a tent, sleeping bag and pad you are pretty much set.
  14. zelticgar

    Your Trekking/ Hiking experiences

    National Geographic just put their trail maps online. The interface is not ideal but they have the entire country covered. Honestly, I'd spend the money for the AMC Guides with the maps included. Other options are AllTrails.com subscription or buy the Gaia GPS app for your phone. For that trip, if you can go up Tucks, over to Jefferson and back to stay at Lake of the Clouds, that is a fun day. You can head out via Glen Boulder trail so you do a full loop. You could also go from Jefferson down into the Great Gulf and stealth camp. Then head out the great gulf via Old Jackson. Any trip out to the Bonds is well worth the time.
  15. zelticgar

    Your Trekking/ Hiking experiences

    Hi Ghjhero - I just went up Mount Washington last weekend. Took Old Jackson to the Auto Road and ran the auto road to the top. I'm running the road race in a couple of weeks so this was a training run. Snow is mostly gone so Huntington should be fine for later this month. I'm working on finishing the NH 4k's so I am planning on a Pemi Loop later in the summer and I'm doing the Wildcat, Carter, Moriah traverse. Outside of that, lots of random day hikes. If you do add Jefferson I'm assuming you will do a car spot from Caps Ridge or Ammonousic?