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  1. I just wrapped up the Missing Richard Simmons podcast. I thought it was really well done. I'm a little bias because I love Richard but the story is fascinating even if you have no knowledge or interest about him. Some other podcasts in my rotation right now: Last Podcast on the Left - Comedy podcast about paranormal, serial killers, true crime... The Unresolved Podcast - unresolved true crime and paranormal stories, really well researched Guys We F***d - comedy podcast hosted by two NYC comedians. They have an assortment of guests and talk about being female in the comedy industry, living the single life and dating in NYC The DIS Unplugged - I got into this while planning a trip for my kids and became addicted. It is mostly gay guys discussing Disney World theme park topics. Oddly entertaining and i love how passionate they are. The Rialto Report - Interview podcast focusing on the early days of the adult film industry in New York City. Many of these people have lived very interesting (and often tragic) lives. The POX and PUSS Podcast - Appalachian Trail Thru-hiker podcast
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