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  1. Lany, I'd say the same fundamental areas that mattered when GWB and Obama were in office matter now - stock market health, consumer confidence, standing in the world, employment growth, education, economic opportunity, gas prices, freedom of movement, safety, equality and a sense of pride for your country. I remember some family members who are conservative feeling that the world was at a breaking point when Obama was elected and was able to pass Obamacare. Their fear and anxiety was palpable. I recall telling them that fundamentally, nothing would really change for them during the time he was in office and that view proved true. Really the only thing that happened was a small change in their health coverage to a high deductible plan which was offset by an HSA anyway. This big boogie man that they created in Obama was a mountain of sand. Trump is no different, yes he will change some policies, he will take a different approach to foreign policy and he will send out some embarrassing tweets but ultimately, nothing significant will change who we are as a country of the 4 years of his presidency. As to facts, I see a lot of facts, upthread someone just dredged up the same old set of statistics that are cooked up to show how horrible the country is doing. When you dig into the details it becomes the same old set of comparisons between a few Scandinavian countries with tiny, homogenous populations. I could spend hours on here picking through those stats and proving them wrong but it is not worth the time. This board has been wiped clean of any semblance of diverse viewpoint. The moderators have seen to that a long time ago.
  2. zelticgar

    BIRDS (and how to look at them)

    You can see some google photos for examples. Grays are an interesting bird. They hang out at all the high peaks in the Northeast and nip food from hikers. They stash food in holes of trees for the winter season. One of my favorite things to watch is someone who has never seen the Gray Jays fed from hand. My daughter calls it her "Disney Princess" moment.
  3. zelticgar

    Happy (USA) Thanksgiving!

    Not for all the gold dragons in Westeros could you get me into a store at any point this weekend. My kids are even old enough now that the hippest toy trends don't matter anymore. It is all about clothes and makeup for them.
  4. Yup, because all political ideas are a collective. No one is allowed to have views that might cross political spectrums. It's the old, you are either with me or against me idea. Doesn't give you much room for diversity of thought. Boxes you into a corner where the only answer becomes eliminate all opposition until only your viewpoint is heard. That works on certain internet message boards where you just sit around and agree with everyone but it is not how the real world works and it just leads to a lot of anger and lack of diversity.
  5. zelticgar

    How prepared are you for a disaster?

    I'm talking about a few weeks in case of a natural disaster. Now you've gone and given an opening to the political loons to start talking about Trump and Obama. Damn you BFC! See above, go cry to the politics thread if you want to talk about trump and obama. See above.
  6. zelticgar

    Happy (USA) Thanksgiving!

    We just completed the annual family beer chug. Crushed a Michelob ultra light.
  7. zelticgar

    Men. Men. Men.

    I feel like all the “creepers who shall not be discussed” are making the rest of us look bad!
  8. “The Waa! I’m taking my ball home approach!” this is what I’m talking about. As i said before. I don’t want to live in a world without both conservatives and liberals. You need to be tolerant of a diversity of opinions and views.
  9. There’s the problem. When you fail to even consider an opposing view, you end up arguing against the existence of that set of people you disagree with. Not a healthy way to live. Seems to be happening at levels I’ve never seen before, on both sides of the aisle. The vitriol towards me even asserting there might be a reason to be thankful on Thanksgiving is a perfect example of this dynamic.
  10. I just don't see what has fundamentally changed in the last two years other than a single change in who has the title of President. Literally nothing else has changed. This idea that the world is suddenly doom and gloom because of who sits in the White House is a crock of bullshit. I see this movement around trying to frame whatever your political opponent believes in terms of eradicating them. I don't want to live in a world without liberals and conservatives living together. We need opposing views and ideas to thrive as a culture. At some point we became focused on not just arguing opposing viewpoints but arguing that those viewpoints should not exist. The idea that a political idea is fundamentally invalid and should not exist is what is really fucked up about this country. I'm for everyone having their say and being open to others ideas to at least have a place in the discussion. Seems like most people around here only want to hear one view point and swarm together to eradicate anyone who even thinks a slightly different way.
  11. Just a supporter of our great country! Thankful for all the blessings we have in the US.
  12. more like post WW 2. I'm sure you can succeed in either location. Not sure I'm understanding your point? Are you saying that Europe beats the US at "being a place to succeed?" How exactly do you measure which is better? Seems like a weird sort of jingoistic interjection on behalf of Europe?
  13. Those are all your perceptions and fears, but there is no reality to it. There are no measurable data points you can come up with to show millions of people are losing healthcare. There are a few reports saying it could happen but nothing has actually happened or will happen. Betsy Devos is a tempest in a teapot, a boogie-woman cooked up to scare gullible people. State education leaders, state budgets and local superintendents have a much stronger influence over education than anything coming out of the DOE. The divide between rich and poor has been trending long before Trump was even an idea on the political landscape. This is still a country where someone can work their way up with hard work and education.
  14. How exactly is the US a laughing stock? Do you think the rest of the world has some kind of moral superiority over the US? For all our faults we are head and shoulders over most of the world when it comes to quality of live, education and standard of living.