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    How Would You Rate Episode 109?

    2 details that i missed greatly in this episode and kinda ruined the experience although i appreciate the producers' work: Bastard sword comment. as people that have read the books know, longclaw is neither a 1h sword nor a 2h sword. it is a "bastard" sword, like john. loved this comment in the books and i rly missed it from the series. Tyrion's story about tysha and how he had her last but gave her a gold coin, cause after all a lannister is worth more. the story made no sense to me or the people that i watched it with (that havent read the books) without this last piece of information. what the story left us is that tysha was a whore that fucked the barracks (excuse my language). we missed that critical character development for tyrion... also shae is baddd. nothing like how i envisioned the role and her accent makes my ears bleed. bad casting imo, the first one in the series so far(apart from the age differencies which i can tolerate). but maybe that's just me. didnt care enough for the battles, but one scene in the dark with hooves echoing between trees in the whispering wood would be plain awesome. that confusion and panic from both soldiers and horses i felt when reading the novels was breathtaking. wish i had seen it in the series. also grey wind... they make ghost growl and bark but not grey wind? whats up with that. anyway the 2 details i stated first are my biggest disappointment because they wouldnt cost anything in budget or screen time which imo goes to show that the writer didnt have an understanding of the show and just chose to represent some lines of dialogue without their deeper meaning. excited for the last episode. will stay tuned in the forum aswell to learn about blu-ray releases and such. edit: about the last scene which many of you comment on. i didnt have a problem with it but it didnt move me as much as the books did. maybe ti is because when i see sean bean's face i immediately envision him saying :'i would follow you. my brother, my captain, my KING' so i dont think i will ever be able to buy him as another character. the character that plays yoren is amazing. and once again arya is the only girl in the world that could play this role. damn i need to rewatch lotr... when will the blu ray extended trilogy come out!!!!