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  1. We (I), cover Thrones over at http://www.boomhowdy.com.  I try to keep it spoiler free for UnSullied, but still add in the book comparisons and theories.
  2. 4. Those skeletons, fireballs and lack of buildup to Bloodraven were a huge let down. Add to that no Tysha story, no Stoneheart and never an appearance of Coldhands.
  3. My son walked in during a Sam and Gilly convo, and started singing "it's filllerrrr, it's filler tonight" to the tune of Thriller. That's how I felt. I hated any and all changes. Hated.
  4. I knew it was coming and was still crushed! No pun intended. Is the vampy Sansa from Winds or are they just rewriting her? Seriously, if Hound and Arya run into LF and Sansa, I'm going to turn the tv off.
  5. Ugh. Sick of lame love crap. Why the need for Grey and Miss? No need. More story. Less this. Ugh, way to really rewrite Sansa. Gah.
  6. The show is making us love Shireen, because they know she's going to die.
  7. Yes. he's there, in the books and season 1. He definitely knows about Jorah and is against Robert having Dany killed.
  8. Hated the Loras scene and hate that they have changed him into some whore. Hate that they did away with Willas. Hate there's no Patchface. It isn't as creepy. Fetus jars were stupid. Do non-readers remember Selmy sitting in on the small council and knowing about Jorah?
  9. where do you guys get that Brienne is feminine in the books? She isn't, at all. She has manners and a good upbringing, but she is not a lady.
  10. Did you even read the description of Quentyn Martell? Have you seen Andrew Garfield? Terrible, terrible casting. Even if it was possible that suggestion is just so off, it's ridiculous.
  11. You need to read the book again, then. And yes, Marg is aged up, but the actress looks younger than this one does. Marg doesn't look 30.
  12. Terrible choice for both. Her age range is 22-30. Meera is 16. Val is physically nothing like this woman, at all. But, they did totally screw up casting "Talisa" instead of jeyene, and Renley was SOOO off of what he was in the book, I wouldn't be surprised if a short, dark haired 30yro ended up playing Val.
  13. You guys should read the books. Too many people argue about what happens in the books, in the threads, and they have no idea what they are arguing about, because they go off of what they saw on tv. The show and books are so different, it doesn't even count if you only watch the show.
  14. Showing Stannis on the front lines adds to the contrast between Joff that had already been set up by Sansa, when she asks Joff if he will lead the van, like her brother does. It's a stab at Joff. Then we see Stannis on the front lines and Joff running off to hide. It may not be in the exact character of Stannis, but it really highlights Joff's character.
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