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    How Would You Rate Episode 109?

    Agreed! so agree
  2. Jaric

    How Would You Rate Episode 109?

    They didn't have to show the battle is full, but what they could of done was.. Tyrion " where is Rob Stark " then cut to scene [Robs army charges and breaks the siege at River run, and the Capturing of Jaime]. Or something like that.. I know its not LOTR, or Braveheart, and its a TV show, But I know a lot of fans, and non reader viewers who were excited to see some combat, more than one on one, or small 5 on 5 skirmishes. But army vs army.. yes Tyrion's back story is important, and Shae is a whore I get it... but does like 20 minutes of air time need to be spent in Tyrion's tent? I doubt it.. And on a side note the main issue with this show is they are doing the book in ten episodes... try reading the book in 10 chapters? From a readers point of view you can fill in the blanks cause you know the story, but from a non reader point of view.. everyone I talk to is confused... and I tell them to go read the books, and it will make sence. LoL.
  3. Jaric

    How Would You Rate Episode 109?

    All I got to say is.... Where the hell are the battles? To me the main reason for wanting to watch this show is the War!... I can read all about Tyrion and Shea..... I wanted to see the battle at river run, and the capturing of Jaime... Sean Bean losing his head sucked to see, but new it was coming. Every thing at the wall was fine.. But short cutting the battles was a mistake, and down right disappointing. ill give this episode a 6 maybe 6.5
  4. Jaric

    How Would You Rate Episode 108?

    I really enjoyed this episode! As a reader and long time fan I found it to be the best one yet and the most accurate to the books. Because none other than GRRM wrote it himself. There were no random made up scenes, or pointless sex scenes which weren't in the books, but there just to show T&A. My Biggest complaint to date with the entire show is that because they are doing the entire book in only 10 episodes, they have omitted so many key details, big and small, which fills in a lot of back story, and explains why characters do what they do. I just hope they do a Clash of Kings with more than 10 episodes. I feel Martin did a good job in getting as many details in the books, into the episode.