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  1. Lots of criticism out there about TLOU2. I just finished the game this morning at about 7 am and I'm still organizing my thoughts. But one spoiler-free comment I can make is that the enemy AI is freaking amazing. Other studios should take a gander at what Naughty Dog did here. In particular, I hope fellow Sony studios Guerrilla Games and Sony Bend take note for their next installments of Horizon and Days Gone, respectively. Those were both incredible games in their own right, but the human on human combat were weak aspects in both.
  2. ^ Thanks for being so willing to talk about it.
  3. I suppose it was an addiction of sorts, correct? You're posting and commenting, and then watching to see how people react, and if they upvote you, then you get that little dopamine hit, right? It's the same basic mechanic that video games use. I've felt that on Reddit as well. I'll write a comment and then check back periodically to see if it got upvoted or downvoted. But my Karma after 5+ years is only about 7500. I'm guessing yours was quite a bit higher if you were spending huge amounts of time there.
  4. I don't understand how someone could spend 4-8 hours a day on Reddit. Is this a common thing?
  5. It's interesting that you mention this. I've often wondered how the US would eventually transition to something else and my best guess is that these sorts of agreements between states might be the start of something in that direction.
  6. I had to fill out one of those in the last year or two. I can't remember the company, but I remember resenting the hell out of it at the time.
  7. I think people that work in the movie and TV production business will have a tough time because so many of them only work when production is ongoing, so any sort of disruption to the pipeline means longer periods of unemployment.
  8. Do you think this is because they absolutely can't reopen, or is it because their businesses weren't all that great to begin with and the shutdown is just going to make it harder, thereby giving them an incentive to just sort hang it up? A lot of smaller cafes run on fairly thin margins I believe, so I can see where it might be tempting to move on with your life.
  9. I think this is very possible. It's also worth keeping an ear open to what pols like Josh Hawley and Tom Cotton have to say on this subject. Both are likely GOP candidates for President in 2024 and I don't see any reason why they wouldn't go left of the Dems on healthcare.
  10. Well, his campaign's strategy has been to hide him. That was the primary strategy for the most part. He did very few appearances.
  11. The ACA exists. I knew that when I posed the question. I just don't think it's a very good program. Maybe I should have added "in the last 50 years" to my question because I'm not going back to Roosevelt and LBJ. Those were very different times.
  12. It matters that every time he talks it's obvious that he's in mental decline. It's terribly, terribly obvious. He's a shell of what he was 4 years ago.
  13. I think any common sense implementation would phase it in over time. I think that's in the actual bill, though I could be wrong.
  14. I don't think it's a slam dunk but the argument on the left is voter enthusiasm that simply is lacking for Biden or any of the other mainstream candidates. Of course, centrist Dems could cross over to the Republican candidate or simply stay home. Could definitely happen. But Biden almost certainly won't win. He's just terribly weak. Thanks Obama!
  15. Right, but more money will be spent on the private system. It's like $50 or $55 trillion over ten years I think, and when the system remains fractured like that, there's really no way to drive costs down. The right will argue for the free market, but we know enough now to know that the free market doesn't exist in healthcare, other than in elective procedures like cosmetic surgery.
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