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  1. Pecan

    Fargo Season 4

    Thanks for the update. I've been wondering when we'll hear something. Maybe fall 2019 is when we'll see it, though I suppose 2020 is a possibility as well.
  2. I think HBO could produce more content, without it being a big deal, but not at the scale of Netflix. Someone should remind ATT execs what happened to the golden goose. A reasonable amount of new content would be something like 2 more hour-long dramas per year and 3-4 half-hour comedies. Presumably, they could get more involved in licensing foreign-language content as well. I think they should be very careful about producing too much GoT content. Of course, it's hard to say how much is "too much". Again, one is reminded of the golden goose.
  3. Well, if they've killed off Madison, and they don't tell us how or why she died until the end of the half-season, or even the full-season, then what they've basically done is dedicated all of those episodes to rebooting the show.
  4. Thanks for the info. I wonder if that kind of financial outlay is feasible within Amazon's economic model? If the vision is to offer it as part of the Prime service, then at some level you have to have a metric that gives you some sort of clue as to how well any particular offering is helping with driving those kinds of memberships, and I have absolutely no idea what that kind of math might look like.
  5. Does anyone know what the actual budget impact of SyFy ending their support of the show is? Are we talking about $5 million, $20 million, or $100 million?
  6. Nothing yet on US release date?
  7. Pecan

    Small things you hate

    People who, in writing, use "are" in place of "our".
  8. Pecan

    Netflix is rebooting 'Lost in Space'

    I'm 2 episodes in and so far it's pretty bad. I'm not sure what the problem is precisely, but I've narrowed it down to the writing, directing, and acting. Actually, on the acting front, it's mainly this Penny character that I'm not buying.
  9. Interesting that BBC dropped out entirely. I guess it didn't meet its targets on traditional TV in the UK. Must be a high bar that shows need to meet to get funding from the BBC.
  10. Pecan

    Upcoming TV Series of 2018 - Your most anticipated shows

    Regarding Altered Carbon not doing especially well, one option for Netflix might be to just wait and see what the numbers look like over the long term. The first season did a decent job of telling the story of the book, which is the first of a trilogy I believe. But you can view it as a complete standalone story, so it isn't like they're leaving us hanging. Also, if Joel Kinneman isn't available if/when it gets greenlit, that might actually work better given the concept of "sleeves".
  11. Is anyone else watching this? I started it a couple of days ago and ended up binge watching the first two seasons, which are the only two seasons currently available. Anyway, I think the show is just fantastic, which is the opposite of what I expected. For those not familiar with this show, here is the wikipedia article. From our perspective in the US, the scenario probably seems very far-fetched, but the show really made me think about the perspective of these smaller countries that share a border with this paranoid, aggressive kleptocracy that happens to have nuclear weapons and an active duty military of around a million.
  12. Pecan

    Video Games: It's On Like Donkey Kong

    The thing is, the create your own character is completely meaningless. You never see yourself. But you can buy outfits that you never see too.
  13. Pecan

    Video Games: It's On Like Donkey Kong

    Far Cry 5 is a very good game. I played the crap out of Far Cry 4, absolutely loved it, and FC5, objectively, is a better game. But, to me, the anonymous deputy that you play the game as makes it a bit soulless. In both Far Cry 3 (which I haven't played yet) and Far Cry 4, your player-character has a name and at least some reason for being there and going through the game activities. But the FC5 player is completely anonymous - no name, no personal history, and no motivation other than trying to stop the cult. The game is good though. I still had a lot of fun with it, but years from now I'll remember Far Cry 4 more fondly I think, and probably Far Cry 3 as well, which many people think is the best one in the series.
  14. Pecan

    U.S. Politics: The Ideas of Mueller

    We're truly entering unprecedented territory now. Frankly, I blame the Democrats. I don't care as much that Putin & co. may have greased the way for Trump. Sure, that's a problem. But, the Democrats screwed this up by allowing Hillary to hijack the party. To be clear, I wasn't any sort of Bernie supporter, and I'm still not, though I do admire him. The problem is this: where were all the other candidates? Why was the field so limited following a successful presidency without an incumbent vice president in the running? The fix we're in now is pretty bad. Rules of decency are being thrown out the window and now we have John Bolton to add to the mix.
  15. Pecan

    Upcoming TV Series of 2018 - Your most anticipated shows

    Haven't seen any mention of the Finnish show Bordertown, which released on Netflix last spring. I believe season 2 filmed over the summer, so we could see it in April or May of this year.