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  1. Pecan

    How do I buy a mattress?

    Keep in mind that a King-sized mattress is incredibly inconvenient to move if you have to move to a new apartment or whatever.
  2. Pecan

    Das Boot

    It seems like there should be a Berlin-based, cold-war spy series. I know Deutchland 83 is out there, but I don't know any others.
  3. Season 2 of the the Finnish cop show Bordertown just came out on Netflix. The first few episodes are very good, at least in my opinion. I think one reason I like this show is the scenery. It makes me want to go on vacation in Finland.
  4. Oh gosh, this show has really gone downhill. At least they killed Judith. But why couldn't they kill Ivar too? There's nothing interesting about him and the actor is terrible. In fact, most of the actors are terrible. Hvitserk is a little bit interesting. King Harald might have been interesting if there was more to him than just ambition. But the worst character/actor combo has to be Alfred. I mean, the kid might be a decent actor, but he's wrong for this role. And why the unnecessary mangling of history with Aethelred's arc? I understand they wanted to get to Alfred's reign but the whole conspiracy storyline was dumb and then Judith offing her own son is just unbelievable.
  5. Pecan

    Lucamore Strong the oathbreaker

    @Bowen 747 Congratulations on failing to put any sort of thought into your post.
  6. I agree. I don't post on this forum all that much, but I have been here a while now and it's just kind of funny to me how consistently fashionable it is among certain veteran posters to explain to the rest of us how mediocre George's work is. I've been reading those kinds of comments around here for years. I guess it never gets old explaining to the rest of us how stupid we are and how smart you are.
  7. If you're responding to me, I didn't claim it was unique. It's more the way he does it. He does something different. I'm not sure what it is exactly.
  8. It's not that the characters themselves are so amazing. It's more the POV narrative style that really sticks out for me in putting you inside that character's head and seeing only that character's point of view.
  9. Pecan

    New Neal Stephenson Novel: “Fall: or Dodge in Hell”

    I'm reading The Baroque Cycle right now and thoroughly enjoying it. Cryptonomicon and Anathem are my two favorites though.
  10. A show I've been waiting for is S2 of Bordertown aka "Sorjonen" as it is known in Finland where it is made. S1 was on Netflix last year and it was great. Now the second season is out, but it seems not yet picked up by Netflix or anyone else. I hope this changes soon as S1 was very entertaining.
  11. Has there been anything written about how Netflix perceives the show in terms of overall viewership?
  12. I think it happened like you said. On The Talking Dead, he put out this whole story about getting the call from Angela Kang and being at least mildly surprised about it blah blah blah blah blah. No, I think he pushed for them to write him out because in that scene, it was frankly a bit odd for him to stay back the way he did. It seemed a little bit forced in my opinion. And the only dramatic purpose his death served was to give the Whisperer dude a chance to bob and weave and thereby reveal that he was more than just some walker. But they could have found a red shirt for that or just done something different. Anyway, it just kind of annoys me that Gimple wasted this actor's talents for what, 3 seasons or something?
  13. It was tiresome to watch her. I couldn't wait for her to get off the screen. It was both the character and the actor in my opinion.
  14. David Dawson really is one heck of an actor.
  15. Alfred badly miscalculated. The entire story could have been avoided if he had simply appealed to Uhtred's sense of honor rather than trying to manipulate and force him one more time to swear another oath of loyalty.