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    How Would You Rate Episode 110

    How could you miss it? It's one of the clever ploys that Tyrion has as Hand when he finds out who is leaking things to Cersei and it turns out to be Pycelle. Tyrion confronts him about being a liar and a snake and threatens to have Pycelle executed when he gets back to King's Landing in Clash. Pycelle knows he is caught and breaks down and confesses to not even trying to save Jon Arryn's or King Robert's lives when they are on their deathbeds. Pycelle says that he has always loyally served...loyally served the Lannisters and that Tyrion must understand. Then he shockingly states that it was him who convinced the Mad King to open the gates for Tywin even though he knew that Tywin would sack the city and try to kill Aerys. Tyrion has Shagga (or Timmett?) take his axe and shave Pycelle's beard off before throwing him in a dungeon cell to rot.
  2. Sega AM2

    How Would You Rate Episode 110

    I gave it a five out of ten. The opening scene was incredible with Sansa. And the camera work of Sansa listening to Joffrey on the throne but not looking at him during court was amazing. But the rest of the episode seemed rushed or dull. It seems HBO showed the Mormont woman and it would be nigh impossible for non-book readers to spot her. The added scenes with Ros are out of control at this point. It's almost like the scenes are written as self-parody. It's so ridiculous how well connected Ros is. Is she going to sleep with everyone in the story or what? How long until she's banging Euron or Stannis or Areo Hotah? The added scene with Littlefinger and Varys had painful dialog clearly inserted to baby non-book readers who can't figure out what the jobs of those two are. I appreciate subtle conversation but this conversation was clearly "this is what our characters do". The first non-book scene between them was much better. Dragons looked decent I guess, but the funeral pyre scene lacked the loud *cracks* as the eggs violently split open. In the books the eggs practically explode thunderously as they hatch. In the show everyone takes a nap while the dragons are hatched. Marillion being killed by Joffrey? Is that right? What does that mean for the big finale in Storm? Also props for making Theon even more of a traitor. "I am your brother, you'll have my sword forever". Oops.
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    How Would You Rate Episode 109?

    Wrong. David Simon's miniseries on HBO, Generation Kill, that was only seven episodes, had a budget of $55 million with hardly any major advertising. You didn't see Generation Kill commercials running on ESPN during prime time for weeks straight. Seven episodes of Generation Kill, with a smaller cast, cost more than the first season of Game of Thrones, even with its giant marketing budget. Where has the Game of Thrones money gone? Marketing? Costumes? HBO executives' pockets? It certainly isn't being spent on the show judging by incredible the lack of scale. And unlike Generation Kill where once those seven episodes were over they were done with the costumes, Game of Thrones can spread out the cost of the sets and costumes throughout as many seasons as the show airs, which if they follow the books is at least seven or eight. The costumes and sets don't cost nearly as much when you use them for eight years. The investment in sets for HBO isn't really that much at all and same goes for wardrobe. Game of Thrones could have been $100 million per season and been a safe bet for HBO. Everyone already knows this who has worked on a major television show or film. HBO is getting money from subscriptions internationally as well as international licenses for the show, they'll make a killing off of DVD and Blu-Ray sales of this series, and they are getting a cut of the latest run of books (which are selling like wildfire right now). The money is literally pouring in for HBO and lots of media outlets say that HBO has more money than they know what to do with. HBO could have hired full time animators to create authentic looking CGI adult direwolves instead of using dogs and then writing the wolves off. They could have fully realized The Hand's Tournament, Whispering Wood, shots of both Tywin's and Robb's full armies, and so on. The show is clearly not in good hands and they should have hired a different pair of producers and show runners who wouldn't back down from HBO when it comes to budget.