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  1. Connington is going out to meet them we've heard, and he knows where they're headed, SE, and they'll be taking the Kingsroad.
  2. The High Septon isn't on anyone's side. Mace didn't get Margaery and her friends out; Randyll Tarly did by swearing a holy oath to bring them back for trial, and the HS himself admitted the case was weak. Mace has no clue to what is really going on. Mace will be losing some of his bannermen soon, starting with Lord Titus Peake of Starpike, and other former Blackfyre supporters.
  3. You mean Batman Forever with Val Kilmer.
  4. Not if Cersei's guards surround Margaery, and numbers don't matter as long as Cersei can get to her first. Mace Tyrell has a large host, but he isn't the brightest candle on the chandelier.
  5. With Kevan dead, that would make Cersei would re-assert herself as Tommen's guardian, thinking the Tyrells are behind Kevan and Pycelle's deaths in attempt to seize power in the court. Cersei wants Margaery dead, true enough, but she wants Margaery as a potential hostage, and in the Red Keep so she can keep an eye on her.
  6. Not while Tommen is still alive, and Cersei is not foolish enough to let Mace take his daughter away from KL. Margaery is already a queen by being married to Tommen, and as Lady Olenna states the Tyrells value their word more than all the gold in Casterly Rock.
  7. 1) It's the second Arianne chapter, otherwise the title of this thread would just be Arianne Part 2. 2) Try this
  8. The Martells had been allies of the Targs since Daeron II married the Prince of Dorne's sister and the Prince of Dorne married Danaerys, Daeron's sister. Elia had also been married to Rhaegar. While House Martell had sided with Targs against the Blackfyres in all the Blackfyre Rebellions. Doran would care about Aegon's parentage since it is about whether or not he is his sister, Elia's, son.
  9. There is no evidence that Brienne was revived after she had been killed. Jaime didn't observe the glowing eyes on Brienne, nor did he observe any marks around her neck. Screaming requires exhaling not inhaling, so Brienne could have screamed a word.
  10. Brienne never died, and she wasn't revived. She screamed "sword" to save Pod's life. When she screamed that word, they cut her and Pod as well as Ser Hyle down.
  11. Brienne chooses not to answer so UnCat orders Brienne, Pod and Ser Hyle to be hanged; Brienne screams out her choice. Read this.
  12. Nice theory, but unless you're talking about Jaime's golden hand, to reanimate Jaime's hand, they would have to find it first. I also think, Brienne might serve as Jaime's champion against Lem. UnCat is probably keeping Pod as a hostage so as to ensure Brienne brings Jaime to the ambush site.
  13. In the medieval world, there was no taboo against marrying your cousin, it was a practice not unheard of. This is exemplified by Tywin Lannister marrying his cousin, Joanna.
  14. I thought the sword fight between Jaime and Brienne after Brienne (Jaime's foil) tried to stop Jaime from taking the sword off his cousin's corpse was akin to the beginning of the Epic of Gilgamesh. Gilgamesh's foil, Enkidu, tries to stop Gilgamesh from taking his lord's right with a newly married woman, and the fight ensues between them with the two men becoming friends.
  15. I think Connington's battle with the Tyrell force marching towards Storm's End is going to resemble Hannibal's victory at the Battle of Lake Trasimene. Connington is going to have his men waiting in the hills concealed by the trees somewhere along the Kingsroad next to a body of water, an unheard of lake or the Wendwater River. He then ambushes the the Tyrell force in a surprise attack; he attacks from three sides, blocking off an escape route and pushing them into the water. Finally, to complete the reference, Hannibal had elephants and Connington has elephants.
  16. Mirri Maaz Duur's prophecy to Dany that she will see Drogo again when the sun rises in the west and sets in the east, seas dry and mountains blow into the wind like leaves. As Apple Martini pointed out: Sun rising in the west and setting in the east: Quentyn Seas going dry: Dothraki Sea in a drought Mountains blowing in the wind: the dragons burning the pyramids of Meereen When will that be posted in the prophecies section?
  17. Twin Lannister's story resembles Okonkwo's from Chinua Achebe's Things Fall Apart , Okonkwo was embarrased by his father,and strived to be the opposite of what his father was. His father was poor, lazy, fat, effeminite, a coward, didn't have any titles and thought often. Okonkwo became rich, hardworking, fit, focused on being masculine not showing any emotion except anger, had two titles in his village, showed great prowess in warfare at a young age and defeated a famous, previously undefeated wrestler in the region's wrestling competition and he was impulsive. Lord Tytos Lannister was enormously fat, a coward, let the family fortune be squandered and his vassals walk all over him and amiable. He married his only daughter to the second son of Walder Frey. Lord Tywin, embarrased by his father, became Tytos's opposite, he looked younger than his years, had proven his military prowess in subduing the Reynes and Tarbecks in his youth, restored the family fortune and his policy with his vassals was pretty much self-explanatory with the Reynes and Tarbecks, was Hand of the King and never showed any emotion. He married his only daughter to a king.
  18. I'd like to see the elephants in action against the Fat Flower's forces. I wonder if Griff's cousin Red Ronnet will be with the Tyrell force to prove his loyalty and try to ride up to kill Griff for taking Griffin'sRoost.
  19. Griff means to go on the offense against the Tyrell force heading for Storm's End. My guess, Griff knows they'll be heading down the Kingsroad from King's landing to Storm's End, somewhere along the kingsroad he'll pick a good position to ambush the Tyrell force and take them by surprise. Like Tarly at the Battle of Ashford he will attack them before they have a chance to form up.
  20. Tyrion and Mace's mother, Lady Olenna, herself admits it was Tarly commanding the vanguard who won the Battle of Ashford; by the time Mace Tyrell arrived with the rest of his forces, the battle was already over. Overall, the chance is Tarly may join Connington.
  21. Good catch. I remember that quote from ACoK, in that same book, Melisandre said Those spells were obviously put there by the CotF. Valyrian and Mel's sorcery is rooted in fire or blood, the CotF's magic could be rooted in their opposites: living green and ice(or water).
  22. Actually, the marriage for Dickon is to the heiress of Maidenpool not the Lannisters or the Tyrells, so the marriage would go unchanged. When Randyll Tarly's choosing which side to fight on, first compare Kings Tommen and Aegon, Tommen is a plump soft boy with a sweet, tractable nature who enjoys his kittens much like his son Sam (and we all know much he approved of him), while Aegon is fighting in his battles to retake the Iron Throne. Then compare the men leading either side: Griff and Mace Tyrell, Griff has a name as a warrior and he proves to be an experienced, qualified battle commander, while Mace Tyrell, the Fat Flower's great military prowess exists only in his head, and other than that he couldn't lead a troupe of mummers.
  23. Lord Eldon Estermont is being held as a captive by JC, I wonder if Arianne will get to see his wife, Sylva Santagar, her old friend?
  24. What Azizal said, plus GRRM is basically breaking all taboos such as (tw)incest and (tw)inbreeding and cannibalism it was only a matter of time before he did the incestuous rape of a man's own brother. On another subject, I wonder if there are also cave paintings by the children of the forest in the cave where Bran is? What do they show and what can be learned from them?
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