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    [Book Spoilers] EP108 Discussion Part 2

    I think it’s one of those things that’s muddled in the books that HBO wants to make into a cleaner narrative. I think it’s going to seem more like she poisoned the wound in the series, which was never what I thought in the books – it seemed like it was Drogo’s own fault, partially. And her “I never wanted to help you!” seemed to come a little out of nowhere, though the motive was understandable. It never occurred to me she'd poisoned the wound till watching the series (particularly since the wound WAS much worse in the books), but I like the cleaner narrative.
  2. halfwaygone

    [Book Spoilers] EP108 Discussion Part 2

    I thought my comments related to the show because people are putting Book 4 Arya attributes into Book 1 Arya as they watch the show, and I don't think that's how it works, really. Book 4 Arya is a product of her experiences, which Book 1 Ayra hasn't had. I disagree that being "different from other girls" or wanting to learn swordplay and not liking needlework is a sign of being a sociopath or being "cold blooded" and I also disagree that Book 1 Arya (the show Ayra!) has any of the traits being discussed. Yes, she didn't want to be a Lady. That didn't mean she wanted to be an assassin then either. It was a lot of experiences culminating that set her on that path.
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    [Book Spoilers] EP108 Discussion Part 2

    She shows remorse for many kills, even ones that were justified, which is not what a sociopath does. Later, she gets darker, but she didn't start out that way--I wouldn't consider her darkness a mental illness/pathology but the result of longterm abuse, captivity, and torture. I don't see it as analogous to your description of the Wolf scene at all, honestly, so since I don't accept the premise, not much discussion can be had of the finer points. Throughout most of the series, Ayra is solely acting in self defense. Until she goes to Essos. Then, her story changes a bit. I still find it a stretch to call her simply a "cold-blooded killer" or to say most of her kills are done in cold blood. The kill with the guard, in particular, I 100% completely understand and endorse as self defense. He was one of her captors. I also think conflating Early Ayra with Current Ayra is an issue. The Ayra we're seeing in GoT (and I'd argue the Ayra we get through MOST of the first three books) is just trying to survive the atrocities and get home to her mother. What she becomes because of the atrocoties is a different story, of course, and up for more debate. Well, Jaime is not a pre-teen girl, and Ayra never took the highest oath of the land in swearing to PROTECT anyone she's killed. Though, knowing what we learn later, I'm cool with his killing Aerys. I get why it looked bad though. And I like Jaime (after the later books give me reason to) too. She killed him to escape brutal captivity. Do you think if you were kidnapped, kept in a house with your fate a mystery (all the while seeing cruel torture and hearing whispers of crueler fates to come once the NEW people are put in charge) and kept there against your will, you'd be arrested for murder if you killed someone in order to escape to safety? Then you missed a lot of her chapters, particularly in the early parts, because she very clearly feels remorse. Unless you think she knows someone is reading and is trying to trick us with her inner thoughts. . . She also does lots of things to HELP people throughout her chapters, as other posters have said.
  4. halfwaygone

    [Book Spoilers] EP108 Discussion Part 2

    I see the escape from Harrenhall as self defense (who knew what the bloody mummers were going to her?) so I see that kill as self defense. As I said, not immediate "This guy is going to kill me" self defense, but he was one of her captors. Weese was also one of her captors and had the potential to hurt her (and had often shown cruelty and an inclination to do so). The first whisper-guy, less so in a personal sense, but he was still one of her captors, and I'd have whispered his name after hearing what he'd previously done to his captives too. I consider any kills she makes in captivity or to avoid captivity pretty much self defense. Especially after she sees more of what can happen to captives. Mileage may vary, of course.. . Later . . . as she becomes empowered, it grows to be a different story.
  5. halfwaygone

    [Book Spoilers] EP108 Discussion Part 2

    Except for the first kill, which is grayish (it's self defense, but it's a kid just being a jerk not a grown man trying to do something terrifying to her), most of her "murders" are self defense. . . maybe not always immediate "That guy was going to kill me" self defense but in a broader sense. Some are vengeance, sure. I never got the sense she was killing just because she's bloodthirsty. I thought the scene with the boy was just fine. I've only recently read the books and that scene in the book went by in a blur for me too. . . so I felt the speed was appropriate, as was the actress playing Arya. The actor playing the boy kind of sucked, and that brought the scene down, but I feel kind of a jerk for critiquing the acting of an 8 year old in a bit part. And she isn't anywhere near cold-blooded YET. I think applying that to her first kill would be wrong. I don't think she gets anywhere near cold-blooded for awhile to come.