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  1. Ladywhiskers

    [TWOW SPOILERS] Theon I, part vi

      No. She's an Iron Islander. They have no use for education. They don't buy or sell. They don't sow. They probably don't do much reading or writing either. Why would they? Asha has not spent a great deal of time in the North, nor does she know a single thing about what Ned Stark would or wouldn't do. It's not as if they sent ravens back and forth. They didn't, apparently.   It makes no sense whatsoever for an Iron Islander to ask Theon to be sacrificed to a tree, rather than the Drowned God. I think it's pretty obvious she's being warged by Bran.
  2. Ladywhiskers

    [Book Spoilers] EP503 Discussion

    Agreed! LF only needs to let Sansa get pregnant by Ramsey, arrange for the Boltons to be killed, and presto! He's Lord Protector and Warden of the North, by virtue of being Sansa's closest living male relative. I think people are caught up in the idea that he's in love with Sansa and would never let anything bad happen to her. Well, he WAS in love with Catelyn, and look how much bad stuff he let happen to her! I think he knows exactly how bad Ramsey is. I think he just doesn't reallyl care all that much, because he's not really planning to leave the Boltons alive for long enough for them to do too much damage to Sansa. They won't kill her, although Ramsey might punish her for disobedience in some bizarre ways, and jealous Miranda might arrange some awful things to happen to Sansa before Ramsey takes her out. But remember, it's not only the Lannisters Baelish wants to screw. It's also the Tullies, the Baratheons, the Arryns, and above all, the Starks. Baelish isn't Snape--he's not dedicated heart and soul to keeping Cat's children alive.
  3. Ladywhiskers

    [TWOW SPOILERS] Theon I, part vi

    Well, that's always been my take on it. As for Jon Snow executing Theon, I don't think he can. It's not his job to enforce the laws outside the Wall, and if Theon wanted to flee and take the Black, then they would have to take him. Snow could manage to put Theon in a position to be killed. It wouldn't be hard--Theon is very frail now and might just expire if Snow ordered him to chop wood or carry water. Snow could hurry the process by sending Theon to do something insanely dangerous like fix a hole near the top of the wall or talk to some Thenns, or fight some wildlings or giants. No one would care. It's sort of what Thorne was trying to do to Snow.
  4. Ladywhiskers

    [TWoW Spoilers] Barristan

    Yes, but if she's going to be killed either way, there's no point in saying it was rape if it wasn't. Besides, plenty of rapists are very attractive and have lots of girlfriends and no trouble at all getting women. They just don't see a reason to listen when some woman says no. And in cultures where women get killed either way, rape is even more common than it is elsewhere, because nobody really cares about the women except as kind of game tokens.
  5. Ladywhiskers

    [TWOW SPOILERS] Theon I, part vi

    But I don't think Balon knows about the ways of the north any more than Asha would. The Ironborn do not study other cultures, nor do they learn anything at all about their enemies other than their locations and whether or not they have something worth plundering. I think the knight in the spiked helmet is Mance.
  6. She's a zombie. I don't think anybody will ever be able to "convince" her of anything. But he can probably kill her if he gets lucky.
  7. 10/10 for the duel. Very faithful to the book. Oberyn studied poison in college and is known as the Red Viper, so I'm sure the poison is staying, just didn't belong in this episode. Brilliant: Sansa's scene, pretty much every minute of the duel, especially Jaime's reactions, Tyrion's monologue summarizing the human condition and foreshadowing the crushing of Oberyn's skull, and descriptive of Tywin, The Hound, and the awful Gods of this universe. Arya's laugh, so funny and so sad at the same time. None of Arya's relatives seem able to stay alive long enough for the Hound to get paid. Nice: Ygritte's moment of saving Gilly. Gilly's fight with the skinny ho, the Boltons, Theon's tragically good performance as himself, persuading the Ironborn to surrender only to see them flayed later. Missandei and Greyworm look too much alike, and I worry that they are brother and sister. They are adorable, but the timing was bad on this. Should have happened sooner--with Oberyn and Tyrion on the table I don't really care about them, or Theon. Danaerys seemed absolutely insane, when she banished Jorah. Completely nutters. It was similar to the look she had on her face right after Viserys died, and her voice was strangely hollow. I get the distinct impression that she snapped. Sending Jorah away was a huge mistake, and had she thought about it awhile before making a snap decision, she might not have done it. After all, he did keep her from drinking the wine, and he did stay with her after that, completely loyal. I disliked feeling sympathy for Ramsey, when he was told he's now a Bolton, not a Snow. Fortunately the vulnerable look left his face fairly quickly and was replaced by one even crazier than Danaerys', a somewhat chillingly fanatical expression. That's not quite true. Any father can legitimize his own bastards. Roose could have done it at any time. He just didn't really want to. He didn't trust Ramsey. Eddard Stark could have legitimized Jon Snow, but he didn't, because Catelyn would have been livid. Anyone can claim and legitimize his own bastards, but it's rarely done because this often puts the bastard in line ahead of legitimate children. It takes a king to legitimize someone else's bastards, though. Robb could legitimize Jon Snow and name him his heir, because Robb was King. Same with Stannis.
  8. Ladywhiskers

    [TWOW SPOILERS] Theon I, part vi

    But why the tree? How does Asha even know about the tree? And why is her voice "strangely deep?" And how would she have any idea "what Ned Stark would have done?" She never met him. Who would have told her all about Ned Stark? She's Ironborn. I do think Stannis wrote the letter, though, although I'm not at all sure what his plan could possibly be.
  9. Ladywhiskers

    [TWOW SPOILERS] Theon I, part vi

    I'm suspicious. Asha never knew Ned Stark, and the Ironborn have no curiosity about other cultures, so I don't know how she even knows what those trees are called, still less how she thinks she knows what Ned Stark would have done. I don't think that's Asha. I think she's being warged, either by Bran, or his mentor. Her voice sounds low and unnatural and she is walking funny. It's not her in there. If she's not being warged, then she's a Faceless Man and somehow Theon can see through her. As for what the entity that has taken over Asha really wants, I'm not sure. It could be someone needing to offer a sacrifice to a tree, or it could just be someone trying to get Theon outside to help him escape.
  10. That was the entire point of having her raped. This way, even though it's obvious Tyrion is the father from the bright gold hair, and probably other things about the girl's appearance, it can never be proven because of how many sexual partners she had that day. I think Arya is playing Shae. I didn't think of it before...there's mention of a maid, and for some reason I didn't connect that with Shae, but of course that's who it's supposed to be.
  11. Why would he show up? Cersei wants him dead. In fact, now that there's a play (or several) depicting him exactly as Cersei imagined him to be, probably most people want him dead. Tyrion is very unlikely to return to Westeros under any circumstances that would raise questions the Tyrells couldn't answer. I wasn't suggesting that the Tyrells lie and say that they had Tyrion, but rather, that they spread the word that Tyrion was killed. They could say he was hiding in the Tower of the Hand when it burned, or that he was fleeing on a ship that sank. If he then showed up, they could say, "well, we thought he was dead. But we can execute him now, so no harm done." Agreed that the nose and eyes would give him away to anyone who had ever seen him.
  12. Or they could declare him dead, solving their problem AND his. The murderer is dead, therefore no more need to keep slaughtering innocent dwarves. Kills two birds at once--he's guilty, he's dead, the Tyrells can call off the manhunt and go on with their lives. I don't think Margaery is interested in seeing an endless parade of dwarf heads, nor does she fear Tyrion's return per se. If she declares him dead, that is actually better than a manhunt, because even if Tyrion shows up, he'll have to prove who he is, and he won't be able to.
  13. It's true that Margaery and her family were in the clear because of Cersei's insistence that Tyrion and Sansa must have done it. But what if Margaery were to find someone already dead, to pin it on? She could simply declare that Tyrion was one of the dwarves already brought in, and that mad Cersei didn't recognize her own brother. I do think that she might feel bad for all these innocent dead guys, and want to do something. And she probably also feels guilty about Tyrion and Sansa. She could "determine" that Joffrey was actually poisoned by Ser Dontos, or Shae, or Tywin Lannister. There are quite a few dead people who could suddenly be discovered to have been the real assassin. I admit I want to see the Tyrells off the hook for it. I want them to get away with it. But I also want Tyrion to be able to eventually just come home to Casterly Rock, and I want Sansa to be able to come out of hiding.
  14. I wouldn't be so quick to decide that. He had that weird dream, and I think it's prophetic in some way. Until we see the two of them fighting off monsters in a crypt, he's not done. Besides, he's gotta stick around to kill Cersei. Unless it turns out that Valonquar is a priestly office we didn't know about, and the Sparrow or some other Septon ends up doing it ceremonially, which is always a distinct possibility.
  15. I had forgotten that gold was one of the Martell house colors. Now that they've got Oberyn Martell striding around in yellow with golden suns, I'm convinced that Myrcella, at least, will have a golden shroud of the dead kind. Tommen, too, probably. Aegon would be a little brother of Rhaenys. I suspect he's a false Dmitri, though.