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  1. all of GRRM's books are more than worth the wait; but read 2 comments on other sites that were worth sharing: '...came to these books because of the HBO show. I cannot for the life of me imagine how people who have been reading these books from day one have managed to wait so long for each novel without going insane as the Mad King' well, there's plenty of us that are more than a little insane but not enough to burn people for fun :wacko: and there was another fan who 'loves the books but is a septuagenarian who hopes to enjoy the finale' if that was my grandfather I would put any unread book in with him.
  2. not sure if I'm allowed to do this but screw it; have to. nas (Wit), :devil: has anyone ever told you you're a bit out to lunch, although an interesting welcome committee all by yourself. there is a character, from an author almost as good as GRRM, based on you... "The King’s Wit was not a silly court fool such as one might find in other kingdoms. He was a sword, a tool maintained by the king. Insulting others was beneath the dignity of the king, so just as one used gloves when forced to handle something vile, the king retained a Wit so he didn’t have to debase himself to the level of rudeness or offensiveness."
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