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  1. It appears City, Chelsea, Atleti, and Barca are all pulling out. It’s falling apart
  2. Henderson calling a player captain meeting to discuss response to ESL. Hopefully they do what they can to stop it
  3. This esl shit has just killed any desire to follow the sport kinda. I don’t even care that Mourinho got sacked ffs
  4. I like Breaking Bad but watching it directly after watching The Shield definitely wouldn’t help me appreciate it more. The Shield is just better imo
  5. Agreed. Firmino has been the best of the front three.
  6. Kane has to be the best active player to not have a single meaningful trophy right? I mean he’s getting to the point where he might need to force a move if he wants to win anything.
  7. I agree the odds of him moving this summer are low but idk if he tries to force a move things could get dicey. I don’t think City will be in for Haaland with Pep and Raiola not getting along. Kane makes a lot of sense if he is available.
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