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  1. No no. He’s doing a fine job. Trust the process. Took Klopp a few years, etc.
  2. Deserved hat trick, what a game from Bobby.
  3. Such an awful take lol he’s been sharp even without the goals
  4. Best player in the league for sure right now.
  5. Just when I thought I was out…..they pull me back in
  6. Yeah Vincent Pastore is actually 15 years older than Gandolfoni. Pussy worked for Junior as well in the show during a flashback so him being older is actually fine. It’s mainly just Silvio that felt like he was only a couple years older not in his 20s when Tony was 8-10 years old. Anyway typing it out makes me feel like it is super nit picky
  7. You’re right. You could also explain it away by Janice misremembering or something but eh just seems like an inconsistency
  8. It is entirely possible and even in character for Ralph to have been lying to Jackie Jr about being a part of Tony’s crew as a kid and almost being included in the Feech card game robbery. I don’t think there is any other indication Tony was close with Ralph. I got the vibe he never liked him bur Silvio and Pussy are still too much older than Tony imo. Timeline got fucked up
  9. What about Zidane? Ronaldo and Varane being there makes it even more attractive for him I bet
  10. Davies passed on purpose to keep Ole in. What a man
  11. I had issues with it for sure. I think the timeline was a little messed up. The movie a little unfocused. Really enjoyed Vera Farmigas Livia. Thought she was the highlight of the movie.
  12. It was badddd. The red card was very harsh. The ref was not conisistent after giving two yellows to Kessie and just stopped carding pretty much after that for fouls that were more egregious than either of Kessies. The pen was also never a pen. Rough return to the cL for them. Absolutely robbed by the refs
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