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  1. Man how is Rhys Williams so slow.
  2. Fabinho been fine. It’s not a panic buy at all. We have needed a CB since summer when Lovren left and never replaced him. Then we lost our best 3 Central defenders . If we want to compete for the title (and CL) I think it would be pretty dumb to continue with no cb’s but I guess it’s a wash of a season to a lot of people.
  3. Klopp saying January signings unlikely. Frustrating when we are playing two midfielders at CB and when the title is up for grabs. Pretty much conceding by not addressing a glaring issue
  4. Standout show of 2020 for me was definitely Hulu’s The Great. Hope season two is soon
  5. You just know that we won’t buy a CB. Not that it will solve our problems of late which is how clueless we are in attack
  6. Klopp leaving the subs so late Is frustrating. Salah and Trent were both pretty awful
  7. Not buying a CB would be beyond stupid.
  8. I agree it was obvious that Jones especially needed to be subbed way earlier. Ox was kinda shit when he came on though
  9. Dropping points against 4 out of the bottom 5 teams is worrying. Thiago really needed in games against low blocks.
  10. Yeah from that I understand he’s best in sort of a shadow striker role. Ngl I only watched a couple of Leipzig games over the last few years.
  11. He’s playing Werner out of position right? At least that seems to be a huge complaint I’ve seen Chelsea fans have about Lampard. Wonder if he will start getting Ole like pressure now that they have only 3 points from the last 12.
  12. Melissa Reddy reported that Tuchel is interested in a Premier League move. Arsenal obviously seems the most likely but yeah waiting for United could be the right move just don’t see United dropping out of top four
  13. Tuchel did get the best of Auba at Dortmund but doubt the Arsenal board would hire someone with such a history of clashing with front offices.
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