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  1. If Football manager is any indication of how good a player will become then people are going to be surprised by how good Julian Alvarez does at City
  2. I’d rather have a proper 9 for a change than a winger. Diaz is already the true replacement on the left.
  3. All of our tier 1s tweeting about Darwin makes me think we may actually get him.
  4. Lose the final and next day tons of reports coming out saying mane is leaving. At least last time we lost the CL final we signed Fabinho the next day
  5. Yeah I was never rooting for that plan. The writers kinda went out of the way to make Howard more likable as the show went on so kinda surprising that they would think the audience would want the plan to succeed imo
  6. They were literally having sex listening to the plan work . What an episode.
  7. Ya went in yesterday not expecting anything but now can’t shake the feeling of disappointment. Really thought when coutinho scored to make it 2-0 while it was still 1-1 at anfield that we would pull it off. Oh well. happy Milan won Serie A. Young fun team to watch. Great way for Zlatan to end things if he does retire. He really changed the whole mentality of the club since his return.
  8. Yeah shocking from them. You would’ve thought it was Newcastle playing for something
  9. Vini and Mbappe together for foreseeable future is a frightening prospect
  10. What a goal. Theo and Leao are so fun to watch on the left.
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