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  1. Arthur should work out. At the very least it was good business to swap him for Pjanic considering their ages
  2. Yeah for sure. Signing all those average guys on frees was never gonna replace that midfield. How do Juve fans feel about Sarri? Could see him going for Jorginho again since Lampard doesn’t seem to rate him that highly
  3. Why would you want Juve to keep getting the best talent from lower teams in the league. Be like hoping Bayern get Sancho or Havertz :D (unless you support Juve lol)
  4. Watched the first two episodes of Yellowstone. Yeah I think I’m gonna enjoy this. Gonna be my next binge
  5. Chelsea have zero creativity without Pulisic. Crazy how important he has been for them since the restart. Werner/Ziyech/Havertz will obviously be a huge help, Aubas 2nd is just a joy to watch. What a player he is
  7. Sancho may or may not prefer Liverpool but Werner definitely wanted to join and Thiago seems interested as well. Shame that when our player pull is at maybe it’s highest in the premier league era we supposedly don’t have the money to spend while our rivals do. I am sure we will make some signings after a few more outgoings though. Definitely need a backup LB and a fourth CB
  8. Munich is my favorite Spielberg as well. Bana is so good. Where has he been lately. Also Daniel Craig and Ciaran Hinds I mean cmon may have to watch it again myself.
  9. Would love a cheeky Sarr from Watford as attacking depth. AFCON could be an issue as said but isn’t it not in Jan anymore? Brewster does seem to be a proper player. If Swansea manage to go up I think he should maybe stay on another season with them. As far as CB goes there haven’t been really any concrete rumors but some random links to Schalkes young promising CB Ozan Kabak but I think he would be too expensive based on what Klopp and all our journos have said about our finances this summer. Already can’t wait for next season. Chelsea having a massive window. United probably going to get Sancho. Second season Mourinho at Spurs. Things are gonna be so interesting. Not sure any of those three will be able to make the huge leap to competing with City and Liverpool but
  10. Can’t wait to see how these playoffs go
  11. I love it. Haven’t played much at all but every time I’m wandering around in the world I’m like this is fucking cool . Vibes are great on this game
  12. I’m not sure how I feel about midsommar. It was an experience for sure. And I adored the ending shot. Weird fucking movie though. Finished Vinland Saga. It was so good. Gonna do Demon Slayer next but might do Perry Mason first.
  13. Gonna watch this new Netflix doc on the mafia in NYC called Fear City
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