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  1. idk people in here upset the show is too well liked and not being criticized enough is taking me back to the peak rant and rave days.
  2. Scorseses next flick is Apple TV so you may have to bite the bullet for a month my friend
  3. Wow what a loss. Cromwell trilogy one of the best I’ve ever read
  4. Well Daemon was in the Stepstones when she fell from her horse so he definitely didn’t kill her himself according to the book. But he could have hired someone I suppose.
  5. Funnily enough out of all the mysterious deaths that Daemon benefited from in F&B I always thought Laenor was the most likely Daemon had a hand in. And there’s zero chance he did his own killing for that except to dispose of Qarl Correy.
  6. Place could use a rat catcher. Enjoyed the little bits of Harwin. Finally can see why he got his nickname. Him and Larys seem to get on pretty well. I can’t wait to find out who set the Harrenhal fire, Larys was my main suspect but idk, Alicents entrance was a great scene.
  7. Honestly I doubt it. Not that she isn’t deserving but it will be a year from now. BCS will be out of peoples minds. Also Hotd and successions new season will probably be up against her
  8. Plus this wasn’t for the final season or whatever. So the scene of her crying in the bus for example wouldn’t have been submitted.
  9. That makes sense. I was just surprised to see her working against Daemon this early I guess. I remember their relationship going to shit in the book but thought it was toward the end of the dance
  10. Loved seeing the Blackwood/Bracken opening. semi confused on why the white worm is feeding Otto information.
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