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  1. Never gets old seeing Psg get knocked out. Hopefully Leipzig can do city
  2. Fun stuff. Both Gakpos goals were beauty’s
  3. Hype. Hope Roman doesn’t go back to daddy like trailer teases. Some interesting Gerri lines in that. Can’t wait for Shiv/Tom confrontation
  4. I always felt like 5 would have been perfect. I kinda wanted one season without Logan to see the kids/Tom/greg eat each other. March 26th
  5. Season 4 is the end. thought it would be 5 but this makes me excited.
  6. Pope misses the league cup final cause of that lol
  7. I mean that some lines you will hear a thick Texas accent and then the next it’s just normal Pedro talking.
  8. He is good but man his Texas accent is all over the place
  9. Prem will be such a joke if this happens again so yes I’m sure
  10. Really hope Leao signs a new contract with Milan. Would be a shame for him to leave for Chelsea or something when he fits so well at Milan and is the main man.
  11. Opposite feeling here. Club football is gonna take a while to get my interest back after that World Cup which was full of excitement not to mention arguably the best final ever.
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