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  1. Id recommend watching season four before immortal but they take place at the same time for the most part.
  2. 100 mil for Grealish makes 70 for Sancho look a bargain
  3. I loved season one of Righteous Gemstones. Walton Goggins steals the show per usual. Loved whenever him and John Goodman shared the screen. they had great chemistry. The actress who plays Judy is so good and she was hilarious on Vice Principals too. Would watch a second season
  4. Say what you want about United’s owners but they back the club in the transfer market. That’s for sure.
  5. Ted Lasso man. I needed to watch that show. Made me feel all kind of feels.
  6. Too funny that Griezmann joined Atleti after they won the league in 13/14 then joined Barca only to not win the league while Atleti won it again .
  7. Watched it on TMC the other day and it’s fucking awesome. Had never heard of it either. also watched Thelma and Louise which I had never seen and loved that as well. Really enjoyed all the characters
  8. Those best drama nominees golden age is well and truly gone
  9. Games needed Grealish since the equalizer. Surprised Southgate has not put him on
  10. That would be brilliant. One of my friends supports Atleti and says he’s had a down last couple years though. Hopefully a change of scenery would rejuvenate him cause Saul is very talented.
  11. Ramos to PSG official. That’s Wijnaldum, Hakimi, and Ramos. Plus Donnarumma on the way. What a window for them
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