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  1. Americans is one of the best shows and really sticks the landing imo. Enjoy watched a few episodes of severance. Pretty weird but I’m intrigued enough to keep watching. Patricia Arquette has still got it
  2. It was as clear a pen as you’ll see. Super obvious. Darwin should be getting on the end of a lot of crosses. Mane and Jota great in the air but nice to have someone with a bit of height as well
  3. People are ripping the accent but idc looks great
  4. The next episode is titled
  5. Agree the placement of the episode was a bit weird. Feel like having a breaking bad era episode after last week would have fit better.
  6. He got a hefty amount from Sandpiper
  7. Was an amazing episode, probably my favorite of the season.
  8. Oh ya gonna re read fire and blood I think. I’ve let the hype get ahold of me
  9. Once Chelsea backed off I figured no one would buy him. Atleti could probably use him but not sure they could afford it without offloading a couple players. PSG would be the only other club that could/would do it
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