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    How would you rate episode 205?

    I gave it an 8. Easily one of the top 3 episodes of this series. Thankfully, no stupid T&A filler scenes. It's been so overdone lately that it was good to see a departure from that formula for the show and a renewed focus on story-relevant scenes. Overall because of the above this episode blended very well for the most part. Last scene with Dany was kinda lame, but the Pyat Pree more than made up for this. Hope they give the Warlocks some good airtime as the show needs some creep factor right now. The Renly scene was good, but could have been a bit better. It seemed odd how they all just stood there and watched the shadow crawl across the floor. Arya and Jaqen scene was awesome. I expected Jaqen to be a bit uglier, but I can live with it. He's one of my favorite characters in the books so I had him pre-visualized maybe too much. Charles Dance...His screen presence is amazing! Overall, this is the kind of Game of Thrones episode I pay HBO to see. I'm hoping they are learning that the story is so beloved by many fans that they will eventually alienate those people from viewership if they don't do a better job of using their allotted episode time to try and tell the story as best they can. There's plenty of nudity, sex, and depravity to show in scenes that come directly from the books when the time comes to do that. It is a better series when those elements play a more minor role as they do in the books.
  2. footballcoach

    [Book Spoilers] EP 204 Discussion

    Good point....If that was their goal then I believe it could have been done in other ways. To be clear, I'm not against the sex or nudity. There was plenty of that in the books and Martin used it expertly in crafting the story. HBO's "adaptation" is just gratuitous, prolonged, and pointless. Like others have said, they are leaving out critical plot elements in favor of these kinds of scenes and it's causing the entire package to feel very shallow. I wish they would have taken a more measured approach like LOST, Sopranos, or Breaking Bad for example. While you can criticize the outcome of a series like LOST, the pacing was incredibly effective. That same pacing was already in the first 2 or 3 GoT books so why not use it? I think Martin used sex and violence effectively to tell the story. So, it is difficult to understand how more of both is considered an improvement to the story while sacrificing critical plot developments to show them. I mean, I know it's about ratings and shock value, but doesn't it piss anyone else off that they are using these elements more than intended in order to boost viewership? I guess the response there for many is "Yes, if it means the series survives." And I would have to agree on that as well. Yes, it's an adaptation of the books. Fully understood. Not everything will be exact or even possible to screenplay. But you gotta get kinda in the same ballpark you know? I mean you can adapt your way into a very shallow and hard to understand story if you aren't careful with the pacing, character development, and plot reveals. LOST did this masterfully by introducing characters as a whole, then shifting focus to individual or shared character plot lines. Then they weaved these relationships back into the overall story. Kinda like Martin did in his books.
  3. footballcoach

    [Book Spoilers] EP 204 Discussion

    There are far too few episodes in this series to adequately cover the content of the books. There is no suspense surrounding plot development. The pacing and lack of continuity between story lines in the series is jarring. The characters and their relationships appear superficial and come and go without much substance. Everything feels rushed. It is hard to follow, and the dearth of available episodes causes all sorts of plot re-writes. In short, it is a mess and the series deserved a lot better. To the Producers: We get it. We don't need Roz flashing her tits every week or Renly and Ser Loras making out for 10 minutes. These scenes could be handled much more quickly and with greater effectiveness while still getting the same point across. Some of these scenes are just excruciatingly long and hard to watch (like the one with Roz beating the other girl). Really? Is sexual abuse/assault telling the story of Game of Thrones? This stuff is jarring to the point where you lose the entire message of the scene. In this case I don't think there was one that hadn't already been established multiple times before (i.e. Jeoffrey is an ass).
  4. footballcoach

    How would you rate episode 201?

    5/10. It was a mess imo. I have read the books several times and I was confused with all the plot and time leaps. I realize it's going to move faster and some areas are re-written to fit a television series. However, I don't recall feeling jarred with plot differences and time leaps so much in any other episode. Immediately afterward I felt like I needed to watch half of it again in order to reconcile it with what was in the books. Overall it was just a weird, disjointed episode for me. Poor casting for Stannis and Craster. Davos seemed pretty good. Craster visit was very anti-climactic and disappointing. Melisandre I am on the fence about still, but she seemed appropriately dangerous I suppose.