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    How Would You Rate Episode 110

    Seriously. For a split second I actually thought it WAS a woman when the scene started. Then I thought it was Loras--another very skinny and effeminate guy. I agree that it was very subtle and that non-book readers would have to be paying attention to grasp the fact that not only was that Robert's squire, but also Cersei's cousin! It's obviously going to be revisited in season 2 once Tyrion starts manipulating him.
  2. Synjin

    How Would You Rate Episode 110

    Loved it. Gave it a 9. I really disliked the actor portraying Joffrey in the early episodes. I just thought it was poorly acted, though it was likely due in part to the way he looked didn't jibe with how I pictured him reading the series at all. He's gotten noticeably better as the episodes advanced and I thought he was GREAT in this final episode, especially the scene with the singer and then the following one with Sansa and the heads. My feelings about the actress portraying Sansa are almost identical to those I had for Joffrey: too wooden, not pretty enough, not "bubbly teen" enough. She did VERY well the last 3 episodes, and she nailed this final one. Lastly, I was VERY disappointed in the actress portraying of Mirri Maz Duur. Her inflections were like someone poorly faking an accent. And her face couldn't convey even basic emotion, even in her big monologue. It's too bad too, because visually, she was exactly the way I imagined her. I loved the Scene with Mormont's speech to Jon as they head north through the wall. Great stuff. The actress portraying Dany did really well in all her scenes in E10. Like others, I was a little put off by the night to day thing at the end, and her being bald after the fire would have been better, though I don't blame Emilia Clarke for not wanting to shave her head. It would be nice if she would have dyed those eyebrows to the same color as her hair. It's a little disconcerting during her close ups. The draperies should match the rug, so to speak. The King in the North was good, I thought it could have been a little better, and would have been better placed later in the episode, perhaps between the Dany fire > dragons scenes. I love the Greatjon character from the books, and the actor playing him is doing excellent. I just wish he was about a foot taller, 50-100lbs heavier and with a much bushier Robert Baratheon-like beard. Another instance of my imagination fitting with the casting of HBO. As always, the book is better than the TV/movie version. But honestly, I have been super-impressed with what they've done. Then again, I really didn't expect less from HBO. Good TV there.