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  1. Some of these criticisms are a little silly. Whilst I think season 5 was the weakest season and this episode a bit of a forgettable one, there was little outright bad about it. I swear only on here do I see such a frequently negative reaction. *sigh* 1. It's the seven kingdoms... of course the Lannisters want to keep the north intact. Roose Bolton has made his ambitions clear several times. Other points (formatting confusing me after a while off this board!)
  2. Nice use of language. Sure the misogyny was ironic and all that. Jon Snow is a KID in the books, so it's not entirely out of character... And I think the Ygritte romance has had some really touching moments, and that was another one tbh. Seriously, is it just me that loved that scene?
  3. This place really makes me laugh. In terms of TV entertainment, that episode was utterly absorbing from start to finish (I'll admit the finale was a bit corny... scratch that, very corny). It explained a lot succinctly, tied up loose ends, set up characters and was full of big plot twists and explanatory exposition. All the Lannister scenes were particularly brilliant. My personal nitpick is that they left so much to tie up here, the Stannis/Gendry thing etc, the Bran storyline, that they had to rush through stuff a little bit. For me, that gripe lies with the pacing of the season and the fact that, in my opinion, the writers/directors need to co-ordinate with each other a lot more in that regard of the course of the season. Overall, I'd say it's been a great step up from season 2, if not quite Season 1. This episode was a borderline 9 for me but the season as a whole was an 8. Still, great TV!
  4. I've absolutely no idea why you watch the show - I've never seen a positive review. - The wedding. It IS a massive shock. Allow it eh? - HOW was the writing weak? Please, please elaborate and give examples, because you raise this point every week when everything indicates that the contrary is the case. It's one of the best written on television. Arya v The Hound was a fantastic example. - In fact, that leads onto my next point - D&D DO understand subtlety, thus why the writing is so good and we don't see everything blurted out all the time, like some people seem to want it to be. The books are great, but because of the nature of it, GRRM will often describe everything in excruciating detail. Some viewers seem to want the show to be like that as well - it won't be. Cos it's a TV show. And cos it'd be shite if they did it that way. Although I get the feeling you'd still call the writing bad either way. - The Barristan thing.... I know you're obsessed with Dany's scenes to the point where you nitpick everything in them, but really? Rhaegar? It'd have killed the pacing and momentum of the entire episode. It'd deviate from the current plot. It'd be messy. It'd be random as fuck - he's not been mentioned in this series really, so surely we should allow the writers the time to write his stuff in over the next season or two? The backstory Rhaegar supplies Dany is very important and deserves the proper treatment, not the odd line here and there. - Arya WOULD be shocked. She's a kid. Did you expect her to run in all guns blazing? It also followed on from the whole "you're worried that you've come so far and won't get there" - you could see it in her eyes, she knew what was happening. It was brilliant acting from Maisie. - The stabbing of Talisa hammered home the shock for me. No idea why people thought it unnecessary.
  5. You guys are entitled to your opinion as ever, but you're in the minority on this one it looks like. It was numbing television.
  6. So glad they nailed. So glad. And yet, I almost didn't want it to happen. Feel like I still need to compose myself. The Talisa death actually added emotional weight to it, rather than make me cringe. It was just perfect. Perfectly horrible. God, I almost never want to watch that again.
  7. The writing was cringeworthy? Are people expecting Shakespeare or something?
  8. Yeah. When everyone's done nitpicking (as usual), I'd like to see how brilliant that whole scene was. Dinklage and Turner played it beautifully.
  9. Oh come on, he'll be in at some point. That was a fabulous scene! This episode man, so good. And Dany's arse. .Mmmmm
  10. Not read the books in a while, so I can't remember how much of that episode was accurate, but it was fantastic television.... and a return to the quality of 3, 4, 5. Overall, Season 3 has been a step up from last season in almost every area. 9/10
  11. Tbh, she comes across more bitchy (maybe cos of her age) in the book.
  12. Don't spose anyone know where the links to ep8 preview is? I missed it, and as it's 3.30 am here, I'm away to bed!
  13. Better than six, but not as good as 3/4/5 but then it looks like 8/9/10 will be off the chain. To quote from other thread: @people saying we NEED exposition eps. The point of structuring a series is that you mix it up and make sure there's always something entertaining going on. Contrast. Pacing. This episode had way too many "emotional" scenes that went on too long - Robb, Jon and Osha scenes for example. None of them were bad scenes, just a bit... samey. SAYING THAT, that's the best Dany scene yet imo (and I aint a big fan of her in the books). Her character is getting more and more ruthless. Great to watch. And as I say, the Jon scenes WERE good and nicely written, but very similar to other stuff. Arya was done nicely and the Gendry stuff actually provided good back story. Main drawback was ... Shae. She's gotta be one of the most irritating characters in anything ever. I'm actually beginning to wish they had replaced her with Ros, and she was annoying enough. Oh, didn't mind the Theon scene. Too long, but my God, people now have a new guy to hate(/love). Hopefully that's it from him for the most part this series though - we've had more than enough, considering we were all gagging for him! Shit, I guess he still needs to be revealed.
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