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    [Book Spoilers] EP108 Discussion Part 2

    More than likely the Lannister scouts spotted Tyrion and the Hill Clans days before they reached the encampment. Tywin was informed and he gave instructions that Tyrion wasn't to be given an "honor" guard or escort into the camp and that the scouts should just keep tabs on them. That's VERY in-line with Tywin's personality and dislike of his son. I also see that Arya's stabbing of the stable boy was not accidental. She's been training for weeks, just removed Needle from its scabbard when she spins around and runs him through and that's an accident? Sure, she was afraid and the training took over, but it's not like she was holding Needle in front of her and he got pushed onto the pointy end from behind (or she got pushed from behind stabbing him). It seemed pretty purposeful to me. The expression on her face was very "what just happened and what do I do now" after, but that was more the fear of the whole situation and her world falling apart than the fear of the act talking. Ned was most definitely NOT formal with other "friendly" nobles, even those sworn to him. He treats King Robert extraordinarily informally even going so far as to insult him and say that he was fat in front of a Lannister. It's no surprise to me that his bannermen would call him Ned. None whatsoever. His servants calls him Lord Stark, including Maester and Septa, and that's probably more to do with their own training and upbringing than the rules of his house.