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    [Book Spoilers] EP108 Discussion Part 2

    I think the point was, there's a difference between reading about a child making the decision to kill another child, and watching it. People are going to react differently to that scenario based on the medium it's in, which is why adaptions don't simply use the book as a screen play. You can't always film what you can write. If there was a scene with Arya getting raped over 2 or 3 pages, you imagine them spending a min or two on that? Or simply showing her getting dragged into a room or bed before cutting away.
  2. Captain Tripps

    [Book Spoilers] EP108 Discussion Part 2

    He murdered a couple of children being held under protection. Daddy Stark would have lopped his head off immediately, but as Ned had more standing and history with these men the results might have been different - he may have found a way to keep the other Karstarks. That wasn't an overreaction at all (was one of the more appropriate dumb things that family had to do), and completely in line with the Stark family creed "Honor before practicality".