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    Black Leopard, Red Wolf by Marlon James

    I'm about 80% in, really enjoying it. Definitely an interesting to structure to tell the same story (in the successive volumes of the trilogy) from 3 different perspectives. One of the interviews I read with James has already revealed the POV character for Book 2, and I must say it sounds very cool. I also know who I *hope* is the POV for Book 3, but don't now how likely that is. As for vibes / impressions: -I don't get a *ton* of ASOIAF vibes, but there is a major plot point that is very GOT-esque. The magic and fantastical elements are much more up front than in ASOIAF. -TO be honest there are a ton of elements from other works of fantasy - I'm getting a lot of Robert E Howard, definitely a number of Tolkien nods. I think the people getting Abercrombie vibes are getting them from the tough-guy dialogue, of which there is an overabundance (most of it highly enjoyable). To me that will always be more Howard than Abercrombie though. -I do not know enough about the African myths he is pulling from to say how well they are handled / synthesized into a coherent whole. However the world is indeed very convincing to me. -The writing is phenomenal. There are a few very tough scenes (content wise) to read through however. -I am worried it will be years between volumes. I don't want to wait that long to read more. -The many, many sex scenes are pretty graphic. -I read earlier this week Michael B Jordan's production company has optioned the movie rights. It will take some testicular fortitude to get a lot of the elements into a big budget movie. -A couple lulls in the narrative but the compelling parts are highly thrilling.