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    Gee im interested in alot of things. Mostly that which allows me to be ensnared in other worlds. I love Film Music and a good book. I love to dress up. Sometimes i am a high born maiden. Others im a russian spy. I love Dangerous things and never back down from a dare. I believe in fairies i do i do. Im in love with Hamet. I love a good antihero. My ambition in life is to be whisked away by the Goblin King....im still working on that one!....

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    Lilith < <
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    How Would You Rate Episode 109?

    Gave it a 9. Simply because Shae was awful. The ending scene was so moving. Cannot wait to see next weeks reactions im truely going to cry. Sansa and Ayras reactions were amazing. Sean Beans speech. Jofferys arrogance and smugness. The little details. I loved watching everyone is the background. When Ned got an apple thrown at him. How the Hound helped him up. That was a nice honourable touch. How the POV was of Ayra. Made me cry. Poor Ned!!!