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  1. The Imp slap

    What is Jon Snow's real name?

    Rhaegar was sort of dead. Lyanna who was sort of dying at the time, probably wasn't browsing weirwood.net for baby name ideas either. She asked Ned to name him and he chose the name Jon after Jon Arryn, his adopted father. Family name be Stark if legitimized by Robb (his adopted brother) or Targaryen (if they were married which would make sense plot-wise).
  2. The Imp slap

    [Spoilers] EP605

    I really don't think Bran's mark will have anything to do with the fall of the Wall, way too cheap. Bran will be saved by Benjen / Coldhands and will need to go to Winterfell (of which he is the lord BTW) in order to connect to weirwood.net, power up (wake the dragon sleeping there?) and fight the NK's magic.
  3. The Imp slap

    [Spoilers] EP605

    I had read some "funny" theories about Hodor meaning "Hold The Door" before, but it literally broke my heart to discover the truth. The kid who plays Hodor deserves all the credit in the world for an absolutely breathtaking performance (it's far from being as easy as it looks). Just gutted Summer died this way (make the damn wolf die saving a conscious Bran from others, not wighs, a tad later and people will cry). -> we are definitely getting Cold Hands or Benjen, I don't see how Meerah and Bran could make it otherwise. I don't think LF lied to Sansa, way too risky, but the fact that she didn't tell Jon she met him will haunt them... she's a Stark after all. I'm fine with Show Euron but they should tell show people how big the place is because it looks like a rock inhabited by 100 peasant so far... "Build me a thousand ships" sounds ridiculous. My main question was: who is the first Other / Night King?
  4. The Imp slap

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 605?

    Solid 10, the only thing I disliked was Summer's underwhelming death. I'm ok with the wolf dying to protect Bran, but given that he tore this assassin's throat back when he was a pup, I expected one grand final stand from the Direwolf... like facing an other who managed to go through the door or something.
  5. I rarely post but read avidly. Many good things in this episode but one of the most exciting thing is the prospect of an army displaying banners showing a White Direwolf... gives me the chills.