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    How Would You Rate Episode 110

    9/10. I loved the opening scenes with Bran, Rickon, Cat and Robb. Brought tears to my eyes. I was annoyed by how horrible Jaime was to Cat. He said the same mean things to her in the book too but that was after they kept him in the dungeon for quite a while. Even Jaime would not propose warming her bed only days after her late husband's beheading, he's not that terrible a person. And I could do without a three-minute monologue from Pycelle, good thing Roz was there to stare at the whole time. Everything else was awesome. By the way, that singer was obviously not the Marillion from the books, he's an amalgam of Marillion (since he's the same actor from the Cat-Tyrion inn scene) and the tavern singer to whom Joffrey did that. But when time comes to show Marillion in the Eyrie, I am certain they will show another actor and actually introduce him as Marillion (I don't remember him saying his name in the inn scene in the show).
  2. freamon

    How Would You Rate Episode 109?

    :rolleyes: That condescending attitude is of no use. I could just as easily say to you, if you don't like battle scenes or action, go watch Desperate Housewives. You are arguing in an immature way.
  3. freamon

    How Would You Rate Episode 109?

    I would have loved to see a battle scene, yet I understand why it couldn't be done. However, knocking Tyrion out with a warhammer before the battle even started was cartoonish and stupid. He slept through the entire battle! This battle was a great character development opportunity for Tyrion. He got more confident, more experienced in battle, commanded greater respect from the tribesmen and his father Tywin after fighting in this battle. I wish they'd showed him running from the camp on his horse in front of his men, and cut to him standing exhausted and bloodied and surrounded by corpses at the end. He looked pathetic being carried on a cart having taken no part in the carnage. This is my main problem with this episode, I gave it a 7.