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  1. Oh, yeah. Catelyn Stark is a selfish pig, man, always putting her personal concerns first and creating problems everywhere. Robb should have beheaded her for treason, not Rickard Karstark. Lysa's a crazy bitch, too. Murdered the Hand of the King and set in motion a disastrous chain of events. My 2 favorite parts of the books are when Catelyn's throat gets slit at the red wedding & when Lysa flies.

  2. I personally share a dislike for both the Tully daughters being that they are to blame for all of the unfortunate events from A Game Of Thrones and some in the following books as well


    [Pre-ADwD Spoilers] Bran 1 - Spoilers for ADWD

    A little off topic from where this discussion is going, but when Bran was in the coma I believe he was told he must fly. Then the Reed boy had a dream about a wolf that flies, now I think the reason Bran has to get to the three eyed corm is to learn to skin change into a dragon. Possibly to retake control of one that Euron The Crows Eye takes control of with the horn, or maybe the horn is to regain control of a dragon from a skin changer who has entered his body. Anyone else have any thoughts on these presumptions? Bran does seem to have the most control over his skin change abilities (i.e. going into ghost along with John) and if an eagle is the hardest to skin change into from the animals mentioned so far, imagine how hard a dragon would be skin change into.