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    [Book Spoilers] EP 210 Discussion

    There seems to be a lot of confusion about White Walkers versus Others versus wights. I'll clarify some things for people who are confused. a. White Walkers = Others. The showmakers thought it would be too confusing to have a race of creatures we barely ever see called "Others" in a show when there are so many potential "others," so they've been perpetually redubbed as White Walkers. b. The things running in the forest in the pilot episode are White Walkers, not wights. The little girl, she's a wight. The thing that kills Waymar Royce and Gared, speaking a language that sounds like cracking ice... that's a White Walker. c. The slow moving fellow who tries to kill Mormont, that's a wight. d. The gentleman who adopts Craster's son, that's a White Walker. e. The creature(s) on horseback at the end of "Valar Morghulis" are White Walkers.. it seems they may have done a bit of a redesign, or it might just be that that is what they look like in clear light, without clothes on. The camera pans out and we see a second White Walker waving his sword and screaming. There are a few other White Walkers on horseback placed randomly in the background in the wide shot of the wight army. f. The slow moving 'zombies' at the end of "Valar Morghulis" are wights. I can't believe any book readers are confused by the above... it's very obvious.
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    How Would You Rate Episode 109?

    The lion and the wolf are at each other's throats. We know that Robb just sacrificed 2000 men to Tywin's host. Jaime's just been captured. Ned's had his head chopped off. Sansa is captive. All of Ned's guard and other staff in KL have already been killed. How does showing us a massive, computerized battle add anything to THE STORY. Yes, I'm aware that battles are great to watch--I love them. But generally they don't add anything to THE STORY. Anyways, we never saw either battle in the book. The Whispering Wood was detailed to us after the fact, and we only saw an extremely small fraction of the battle on the Green Fork, because everything we saw was from Tyrion's perspective. Really, all we missed was Tyrion killing a few people. That's what, a battle that would end up being 40 stunt guys? Hardly the epic battle that people are complaining was left out of the show... Incidentally, I AM disappointed they left out the battle from Tyrion's perspective, because I've always thought that the fact that Tyrion involves himself in the battles he's at (whether by his own choice or not) is a great part of his character.
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    How Would You Rate Episode 109?

    I agree it would have been nice for a big battle scene, just for the fun of it. The reality, though, is that big battles isn't what the books are about, and isn't what the show should be about. On the issue of money, it's not as if they could cut out 5 minutes of Shae and add 5 minutes of battle. That's not really how it works, and even a 50 million dollar budget only goes so far; there's a reason the Hobbit films have a 500 million dollar price tag--big, epic, computerized battles cost big, epic sums of money. I definitely agree with you about Greywind. I'm missing all the wolves. We haven't really seen much of Summer (has he even been named, yet?), we've seen very little of Rickon or Shaggydog, and it seems like they only brought Ghost back because there was no better way to deal with the wights. On Roose Bolton and Karstark. I agree that Bolton might be out completely, but I'm not too worried. They can make anyone a turncoat in AFFC, or as you say just have the Freys do it all. Similarly, just because they don't mention Karstark NOW doesn't mean they can't do it later. Maybe one of his sons dies in a future battle. Maybe they contrive some feud between Houses Lannister and Karstark that makes Karstark want to kill Jaime. Just because they don't do it exactly as it was in the books doesn't mean it won't happen.