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  1. Sansa is not bitchy in the books, how on earth are you reaching that conclusion? Have you READ the books at all? And what "only potential ally"? Shae is supposed to be Sansa's ally how? And why? Seriously, no. It's not anywhere in the books, nowhere. We could have got some real Sansa exposition, some interaction with the Hound, her torment with Joffrey, anything. Instead we get....Shae. They have what? Two scenes together in ASOS? Ridiculous, just utterly, utterly bad. Sansa's ASOS arc is going to come straight out of the blue and her interaction with Dontos and the Hound? Ignored. Completely and utterly ignored.
  2. Fabulous episode apart from one bit: Sansa Shae. Rant warning: What on EARTH was this supposed to be? Showing that Sansa is bitchy or what? She isn't bitchy in the books so it's just a complete deviation from her character. It made no sense plotwise and was just totally bewildering. We get time showing Sansa with Shae, but no time showing Sansa with, well anything plot related? Tommen and Myrcella get more interesting comments than Sansa. Come on! It's too bad as well since apart from that I thought the episode was the best this season. So, that bit? Utter, total bollocks. It's not needed to "foreshadow" the wedding either since Shae has no part in that, and Tyrion already does by talking about marriages being made for alliances.
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