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  1. Posting this here since I thought perhaps it fit better than to get to lengthy in the September reading thread (and I have a tendency to get lengthy ) This is a reply to the eloquent post by SeanF in the other thread on the Sarantine mosaic. Very interesting of how the Byzantine history was populated by many interesting women. I had heard of a few, but not all of them, and not in detail. It makes me want to read non-fiction of the history of the area. Maybe something for next year's holiday! Regarding the comments above:
  2. It's more or less a medieval Spain sort of setting, with countries/cities/rulers emulating the muslim/christians and jewish cultures and people, more or less. I just started Railsea, but my favourite is The Scar. I think you'd like it. It takes a while for it to get going, but oh my God, it is something else. If you do read it, let me know if you love or hate the ending, or maybe lovehate it. Only Mieville novel I have read twice. It was extremely odd going from Kay's very lyrical and flowing prose, to Leckie's matter of fact, no-nonsense almost brusque writing to Mieville's modernist style, complete with made-up words and odd punctuation. It's the same language, but it actually doesn't *feel* like it. Of the three, Kay's prose is by far the most beautiful, almost like music, or poetry. @3CityApache I'm glad you think Tigana is up there with Lions! I now have hope.
  3. I just ordered Tigana and now you make me nervous when you say you hated it. It was a used copy tho so if I end up hating it I haven't lost a lot of money! How're the vikings coming along? I read the Fionavar ages ago, and it's...long? Derivative, nicely written, some of it will probably feel very formulaic nowadays, but it's also beautiful, in its own way. A lot of mythology. Lions of Al-Rassan is 100% brilliant. If it does not tug on your heartstrings you are made of stone. The Sarantine mosaic was very good. Clever, stylised and with amazing symmetry. The setting, especially in the second novel, is amazing and second to none, I think. Sarantium is really a place, you can feel it when you read. Kay's prose is very, very good too. Beautiful, but at the same time not complicated. You don't need to sit with a thesaurus next to you to get through the text (I am looking at you China Mieville) or trudge through a bazillion songs (Tolkien) or meandering/rants about philosophy (Bakker/Erikson). More...lyrical, perhaps? Haven't got to the others yet tho, but so far they have been absolutely worth reading, despite their flaws (which are very, very few for Lions btw).
  4. Lost in the hills of the Ottoman Empire

    1. Mladen


      I officially protest... Bring back that lovely avatar of yours :) We still haven't grown up enough to abandon cartoon heroes.

    2. Lummel


      Easily done, it was after all the biggest empire in the history of history once all those hills are taken into account ;)

    3. Mladen


      TBH, speaking as one that is truly lost in the hills of once great Ottoman Empire, it is not that cool... :)))

  5. My spite was sharp as broken glass

  6. Yeah I know right? I still remember Ragnorak being saddened by the "Garlan the Not So Gallant" theory. :lol: Still, I normally find the difference between the novels and TV show jarring, but I do think they got most of the nuances just right with this episode. - Sansa's grief was so obvious and it was also obvious that everyone at the wedding (minus the Lannisters perhaps) knew about it. Especially the scene where the wolf's head was lopped off the dwarf fighters was just heartbreaking. :( Making Olenna's throwing Sansa under the bus together with Tyrion even colder. -Olenna murdering Joffrey was brilliantly done, you could see her fussing over Sansa, then zoom to the necklace missing a stone and then zoom again to Olenna just before Joffrey picked up his cup. It was also plain that the murder would be pinned on Sansa+Tyrion with how they both touched the cup before Jofffey took it. Neatly explained. - LOL to all the "Jaime and Brienne are just friends" romance haters. There must have been some teeth grinding there. - Stannis the Kinslayer. I wonder if this is a setup so that Stannis' darker path will have a proper turn at the end of the season when he gets to rescue Jon Snow? It's also pretty clear that he is being lead by Melisandre as she is his only key to beat the odds, you might say. Even if it jarred that he called Ser Axel Florent "infidel", I still think the spirit of the burning is not all wrong. Old Stannis (pre-Mel) would not have burnt Ser Axel. Her influence on him is not all that healthy. - Is this the end of Tyrion the white washed? Here was saw a bit of Holier Than Thou and Better Than Thou attitude a la my Lord of Lannister just like his self-deceptive relationship with Shae in the novels.
  7. Far be it from me to argue with the USSR 2.0-Stalinobus-"anti-communism" = "russophobia" crowd. :lol:
  8. "War's unwomanly face" has been criticised for glorifying the Soviet union and could probably only be considered anti-Soviet propaganda by someone 110% over sensitive. While reading it, I too thought that there was definitely more about pride in Russia/Soviet than condemnation, although it was pointed out in the beginning that some of the less glorifying bits had been censored initially and only reinstated much later. However, I was surprised that she got nominated since I thought her works were easy to read and not at all inaccessible. :p Also, congratulations to Munro!
  9. Lost in the Hills of the Ottoman Empire

    1. Lummel


      You'll never escape from the biggest land empire in the history of the universe! It is known.

  10. How is "You sound like a bloody woman" mocking sexism? Explain it to me like I was very, very slow, since it really needs careful explaining to make sense, at all. Unless we're in backwards land, perhaps. The Pod mention is pointless, has nothing to do with Pod's character and nothing with actual plot. Shitloads of actual plot has been cut, and this has been inserted for what reason? It's not funny, it's not entertaining and it doesn't make any point. Book!Sansa is offered Willas, a much older cripple who she has not met. She is not offered to marry some handsome dude she fancies. Book!Sansa struggles with Willas as a choice and her disappointment at it not being Loras, but judges that it's still a better offer than being a Lannister pawn and that she will do her utmost to make Willas love her. It's a big step forward in Sansa's character development and denotes her increasing realism. Loras adds nothing of this, it's pointless as far as character development goes. A multitude of reasons which are better placed in the Arya re-read thread as it would need an essay. Random fight scene instead of the actual dialogue. The bloody woman comment is exactly sexism since Brienne is trying to shame Jaime with comparing him to, that's right, a woman. And book!Brienne does not hate being a woman, she does not say or act in derogatory fashion towards women. A lot of what Brienne's story line deals with is just her struggles because she is a woman. Why is she belittling herself? It makes absolutely no sense. Varys is not involved in the Sansa plot line at all in ASOS. He does not tell the QoT. If Varys tells her, it makes her look incompetent. In the novels the QoT and the Tyrells figure out themselves that they need to marry Sansa to Willas (not Loras) without having Varys spell out the painfully obvious to them. So on the one hand, the QoT is going on about how men should not rule yada yada, on the other hand, she needs to be hand held by Varys to figure out that Sansa is the next heir to the north, when anyone with half a brain could figure that out. It ruins the QoT's character and makes her seem like a crotchety old woman, not the schemer she is in the novels. Oh indeed, but why do it in such a random fashion? Could anyone follow the internal logic in what was going on? My SO has seen the episode twice and he still has no idea what that was all about. I've read the novels more than once, and I have no idea what that was about.
  11. Ugh, botched BwB scenes, terribly botched Brienne/Jaime scenes (Brienne is a sexist since when??), Theon was a big ??, Varys spilling the beans to the QoT is incomprehensible and makes her seem daft, the Pod thing is a waste of time, Varys, Tyrion and the "sorcerer" in the box was added why? Sansa is now marrying Loras? It's like someone read the novels and thought they were kinda crap and needed some fanfic editing. :stillsick: The only saving grace was Dany in Astapor and Mormont, the rest was really a mish mash of botched stuff and irrelevant additions.
  12. Yes! So how many are for Trial by Combat, Brienne vs "The Hound" aka Lem Lemoncloak? (If this happens Lummel owes me some beer really nice afternoon tea. :P )
  13. Then you love something that is not in the books, or even hinted at in the books. That's not wrong, but it's definitely different, just sayin'. That whole scene was different, too, so obviously they are changing the Sansa - Hound interaction to something different they think will work better on screen. Or something. It's one thing to say "OMG the Mountain is too short!!" another thing to question why certain dialogue choices were lifted for no apparent reason, or why the interaction between certain characters were changed, while the characters were still there and the scene was set, so to speak.
  14. I thought they aced the Tickler! He was made of win. Well, not of win, but of all sorts of creepy stuff! I didn't mind how Arya added Polliver to the list, he was already in the last episode and the whole thing had to be shortened down to fit, and I wouldn't want him to be missed out.
  15. Right, so the second*** thing I have complained about for the first 13 episodes is somehow not worthwhile. I'll keep that in mind. Which is by the way not at all like book!Shae, which has been debated to death on the forums. And I am ok with the change to Shae, I can live with that. Sansa being bitchy tho, it changes her character. *** this and Ros.
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