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  1. HappyTimes

    Fire and Blood - SubPress

    opinion on whether necessary to call set complete?
  2. already have thanks a bunch
  3. I am selling a SP with MM full number matching set, fyi. I am also legit hehe.
  4. PM'ed and emailed you a couple weeks ago, but no reply. Got what you lookin' for
  5. With books to come and a spinoff show certain, I suspect it will be called Valyria, I don't see the price coming down, but I suppose only time will tell. I'd like to sell my set to buy a new television haha.
  6. Oh! Apologies. 441 not 442 all matching.
  7. Hi everyone, I am looking to sell a full MM/SubPress matching set 442, including KoTSK and future rights- or if someone preferred, a full matching SubPress set without MMs. PM if interested or email [email protected]
  8. Whats the current thoughts on value of a full numbered set? MM's + SubPresses (with Kot7K) + Rights?
  9. You ever sell ure set evogeler?
  10. Camelot set sold for 20k without SP got and cok???
  11. Oh I just see a $5000 US scratched out with best offer taken with no actual record/proof of any buyer, and no actual price particularly with shipping etc added on listed and the $4500 US non-matching gotta imagine theres a much bigger difference between matching and non-matching.
  12. 6000 Canadian for a non-number matched subpress set, and then a best offer query $6500 canadian from europe wonder what a matched one would be
  13. What IS the right price? I am wondering.
  14. wHAT IS a numbered set with allllllll volumes going for / worth nowadays?
  15. winds of winter or wolves of winter, a king of the seven kingdoms or a knight of the seven kingdoms... all the mistakes in these press release emails doesnt inspire confidence in the company does it