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  1. I am selling a SP with MM full number matching set, fyi. I am also legit hehe.
  2. PM'ed and emailed you a couple weeks ago, but no reply. Got what you lookin' for
  3. With books to come and a spinoff show certain, I suspect it will be called Valyria, I don't see the price coming down, but I suppose only time will tell. I'd like to sell my set to buy a new television haha.
  4. Hi everyone, I am looking to sell a full MM/SubPress matching set 442, including KoTSK and future rights- or if someone preferred, a full matching SubPress set without MMs. PM if interested or email [email protected]
  5. Whats the current thoughts on value of a full numbered set? MM's + SubPresses (with Kot7K) + Rights?
  6. Oh I just see a $5000 US scratched out with best offer taken with no actual record/proof of any buyer, and no actual price particularly with shipping etc added on listed and the $4500 US non-matching gotta imagine theres a much bigger difference between matching and non-matching.
  7. 6000 Canadian for a non-number matched subpress set, and then a best offer query $6500 canadian from europe wonder what a matched one would be
  8. wHAT IS a numbered set with allllllll volumes going for / worth nowadays?
  9. winds of winter or wolves of winter, a king of the seven kingdoms or a knight of the seven kingdoms... all the mistakes in these press release emails doesnt inspire confidence in the company does it
  10. there's not even any new art? that's insane. it should be $20 then.
  11. Agree with all of the above, though the length of time until the show ends could be a long time, if they finish with movie or movies. Definitely gonna be more than 7 seasons. And HBO's looking at developing more George Martin tv shows, which could be one of his Sci Fi works, but could be another Ice and Fire series. Lots to speculate about, an exciting future!
  12. well we've seen one SP go for that much already, and two people have offered more to me for the same, so take from that what you will, and ignore as you will, to kick a dead horse :p
  13. i think the nature of these debates usually falls between people who have the sets and people who don't have the sets, which makes obvious sense, as each person wants the value to be high and low respectively, so we forget about what people think it's worth and go solely based on what it regularly sells for as our only real measure.
  14. I've had two different ppl offer me over 6k for a SubPress set. No link obviously, as it's over private messages and emails, but that makes three at least, shrug.
  15. No he means without one of them. An incomplete SubPress.
  16. I've been offered 6000+ for a SubPress set more than once.
  17. I think it's pretty accepted that something is worth the amount that someone is willing to pay for it, so someone was willing to pay that much, therefore it's worth that much. I don't think they had to list it over and over: it sold right away for that amount. Of course, if you want to sell very quickly, list it for $1000 less than someone else has paid, and the lucky one will be the one that snaps it. :)
  18. Or if they do movies, either to finish the series off, or separate movie tales of DunknEgg, or prequel movies, a steep incline! In either case, many years away :)
  19. Well with those and a matching ASOS it sold for $6,000 around 6 months to a year ago. (demonstrating your own point, that it's worth what someone is willing to pay I suppose).
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