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  1. raj34

    [Spoilers] EP505 Discussion

    Is this the rant thread, or the normal discussion thread?
  2. LOL. Make sure to get all that shit notarized too.
  3. Yeah he was definitely the least intimidating 8 foot tall guy I've ever seen. I think I could have taken him.
  4. Yeah it was definitely an homage to George among other things.
  5. I don't get this whole 'dark side' of Tyrion stuff. He was just pissed off. It was the same character.
  6. How do you ignore somone? I clicked on the profile name but there's doesn't seem to be an ignore function..
  7. no question. I think it's my favorite episode ever.
  8. I completely agree, and for me it was totally unexpected. The trial was the most riveting 20 minutes of the entire series so far.
  9. Almost-rape is now outrage worthy? Holster your rape whistle please before you hurt yourself.
  10. Yeah, the Iron Bank, at least in the show, is Too Big To Fail. A faceless man tie in definitely makes sense here.