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  1. I just had to say that I love your icon and sig. My heart is forever Sherlocked. ;u;

  2. The Oncoming Storm

    References and Homages

    Actually, with Crassus... wasn't it like he fell in battle, they cut off his head and presented it to the King during a play (where bacchants tear apart some hero and a head is brought in)? Gold might have come afterwards. But the gold thingy happened to a Roman proconsul for sure, it was Persians too. Also, Mithridates built up an immunity to EVERYTHING and it hilariously backfired.
  3. Your art, good lady, is awesome.

  4. The Oncoming Storm

    Create your Westerosi house

    Another, this time non-rori version: Name: House Deepwater Sigil: A sperm whale impaled with a harpoon, white on a dark blue Motto: "Sharper Than Sword" Unofficial Motto: Ahab Fucketh It Up But We Fixeth It Location: Iron Islands House Weapon: A harpoon of valyrian steel Sworn to: House Greyjoy * And one for the House Roland (Temeraire) Name: House Roland Sigil: A Longwing dragon (blue with yellow wingtips) in a white field Motto: Like Mother, Like Daughter Unofficial Motto: My Dragon Spits Acid... And She's The Nicer Girl Of Us Two. Location: in exile Sworn to: House Targaryen
  5. The Oncoming Storm

    References and Homages

    The case of Margery and her cousins could be a reference to the Nesle Tower Incident.
  6. The Oncoming Storm

    Create your Westerosi house

    They are a House of Eastern origin, so they like dragons.
  7. The Oncoming Storm

    Create your Westerosi house

    Name: House Madoren (their spelling of "Magdalene" due to their problem with 'L's) Sigil: a girl's silhouette in a cupcake skirt with a parasol, silver on royal blue base Motto: Elegance Of A Maiden Unofficial Motto: Give Me Good Lace Of Give me Death Location: Somewhere in the Arryn domain House Sword: valyrian steel, slightly curved, tilt and scabbard is silver/royal blue like the banner. Fealty: House Arryn (they secretly support Dany, though) Main Foe: An evil order of merchants who calls themselves "Milanoo" and have many cover identities. The House is mostly known for its elegant warrior maidens. They might be into lace, frills and ruffled petticoats, but push their berserk button and you're in to meet The Parasol Of Death, or worse... their ancestral sword, Mana's Claw. And woe too thee if thou happen to confuse or even associate their fashion with an inappropriate book.
  8. THIS. How DARE they? Sandor should kill Littlefinger.