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  1. I give it a 9. Arya and Tywin's scenes were great, you have an "old pro" and a bright new star working side by side, that was enjoyable to see. I also like the Catelyn and Brienne scenes and a fond farewell to Renly (I will always think he would have made a great king). It was nice to see the dragons again and "dracarys" was cool. I knew they would have to add some filler to Qarth scenes because Dany does so dreadfully little in the book, but Pyat Pree was freaky and Quaithe is on the cutting edge of fashion with that mask.
  2. I rated it an 8. I deducted points for the rush on Cressen, though I'm kind of sure I will warm up to his awesome death on a re-watch. At first I was put off by the Cersei/Littlefinger scene, but it was immediately awesome. I didn't like the numerous deaths of the many bastards, Barra's was horrifying enough. But in general, it was a great episode, with some great acting.
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    Septon Cellador at Castle Black might possibly be a reference to the famous compound noun "cellar door", considered by several famous wordsmiths to be one of if not the most beautiful word or phrase in the English language due to both semantics and phonaesthetics. You can read more about it here Cellar Door if you like. I only picked up on it when I was reading the book on my kindle (I am normally an audiobook listener), and it hit me right away when reading it instead of just hearing it.